Don’t let yourself

Be anchored to

That version of you

The one your created

The one you defined

By things external to you

No, you are not your childhood bedroom

Neither the house you grew up in

Nor the way your parents treated you

You are not the baby-food you ate

Neither the baby clothes you wore

Nor the toys you had

You are not the school uniform you wore

Neither the teachers you had

Nor the grades you got

You are not the high school you went to

Neither the friends you had

Nor the newly learned ability to drive

You are not the subjects you mastered

Neither the awards you received

Nor your growth spurt or puberty

You are not your coming of age

Neither the university you went to

Nor the degrees you attained

You are not the travels you took

Neither the experiences you had

Nor the lessons you learned

You are not the friends you have made

Neither the friend you have become

Nor the people around you

You are not your family

Nor the way you were brought up

Nor the result of your pain

You are not your mother or aunt

Neither your father or uncle

Nor your siblings or cousins

Thus of course

You are not your children

Neither their experiences

Nor their dreams

You are not the home you live in

Neither the place you reside

Nor the way you live

And of course

You are not your career

Neither the job you have

Nor the work you do


You are not the way you look

Neither the body you have

Nor the way you think

You are none of these things

And all of these things

At the same time

So, let go

Forget about the world

And be YOU