After my myofunctional therapy today, I had an interesting conversation with a graceful older lady who has been giving spiritual readings for many more years than I have. It was a day dotted with time spent with two older ladies, talking about spirituality sprinkled in between life’s issues.

It took me back to a time and place we can never go back to, to the kind of people I miss more and more lately. Even though it poured, I made it a point to see my myofunctional therapist. Some people come into our lives originally for one human reason when the universe enables us to cross paths, and sometimes it becomes a blessing because spiritually, that meeting was for a greater purpose beyond the human one that made us meet to begin with.

Since they are older, I also value this time now as much as I can be present, because one day I’ll look back on this moment and know I won’t be able to spend time with these beautiful souls physically anymore. Chances are their souls will have graduated by then. I was reminded of their higher age bracket recently when I gave a reading and when we were about to end the reading, she said, “I’ll be joining you soon!” 

The new spiritual friend had been through a lot in life, there was an added kinship. With her calm velvet voice, she had the energy of a warm great-aunt.

I wondered aloud about why I recently fell off a ladder and had to go back to urgent care (twice in a week) a year after I went for shin splints on the same leg, to which the same doctor said, “Leg karma!” Nurturing, she immediately asked about the physical, about the fall and how I did it. But talk soon moved to the spiritual, which was a breath of fresh air to have like-minded souls to connect with instantly in what feels like an increasingly vapid robotic world.

I told her about the daily signs now. And how recently at the start of the new year, I kept getting a sign in the car from the 1980s song “Missing You,” a song I didn’t think twice of back in the day when it was omnipresent. Music and the past, that other time and place, is my caveat, now a fantasy, since we can never go back. I had to listen to the song for its lyrics that I never noticed before. But whenever I see an ‘80s video, since I didn’t pay attention then, I have to watch it now. I said that most of the comments on ‘80s videos are of people who wished we didn’t have cell phones, and some comments were of people just gazing at the opening scene of a few city blocks, just to see “life back then again.” Many others like us, I said, yearn to go back.

When we spoke about readings, the topic of anti-social networks came up. We both were on the same page, agreeing we personally don’t give energy to it, since life is all about energy and when we put our energy somewhere, that’s where our intent lies, and it energetically shows our support. And these are things we wished would go away. I shared that I was more like her, and that since the start of the new year, I’ve chosen to live like I’m back in 2006, after hearing messages I’ve relayed to others. That I’m back to using email mostly for work and begrudgingly only look up items for articles if something has to be vetted. I don’t energetically want to support Robot Land anymore, I want to put energy where the real stuff is – for myself, and what my own life path and purpose is. I don’t want to take my focus off why I chose to be here. I said I’m back to old-fashioned phone calls, which makes it hard for friends who don’t like phone calls, so I knew I would lose touch with some people in this process.

When I speak to others who do what I do, they’re often naturally on the same page spiritually, and they get it when it comes to energy and other people’s energies on us good or bad. This graceful older intuitive said in her lovely calm voice, about what she thought of anti-social networks – “That’s stuff is poison!”

I never thought about giving it a definition before, but when she said that, it was the right word from what I see energetically that’s going on. I said for myself, it makes me angry what it does to people, how it taps people’s energies and drains them energetically and they don’t even know it or know why, although my close friends feel the same way saying, “It’s exhausting” if you have to look at what others are doing. I told her I was thankful none of my really trusted friends are on these networks. If they have to be on a network for necessity, they always point out in a loud voice that they “never post anything! I’m never on there!” Since they know my strong views on that topic. Which is the same way I feel about emojis.

When she talked about why she felt it was poison, I told her I felt sad that people needlessly open themselves up to others that they normally wouldn’t have to deal with as much, if at all, just a few years ago, when these popular and “poison” places online hadn’t been invented yet, that allow us to be accessible to so many “friends” we normally would never have, and allow more chances to throw schadenfreude.

Perhaps it goes with the territory that those of us who do this kind of spiritual work see the negative aspects of what technology brings, because of the very nature of human beings. Whether it’s disguised as a wonderful place to network or not, there is a darker side when it comes to allowing ourselves, our energies to be exposed and tapped by others, in what can be an energy drain when others want to bring us down to their energetic level or throw negative energy at. Perhaps it’s because they think others have more, when they see beautiful pictures people share of their homes, expensive meals and trips, that portray these happy lives that make them wish they had that life or want to be part of it. Or maybe those photos showing how much fun we’re having or how fabulous life is, once in an album on a bookshelf shown to a few friends who come over, makes someone we don’t even know feel bad about their own lives. I wouldn’t want that on my soul.

The topic of anti-social networks came up because they’re a new part of the landscape in recent years, so it does show up in some readings that we see. But since we attract like-minded souls, most people I read aren’t social or out there, making me feel proud that they’re focused on living their true lives, their life paths, and not virtual lives to show the world what they’re up to, and how wonderful it supposedly is.

But surprisingly, the topic itself doesn’t take up that much bandwidth in readings, which are about real, human issues, themes and topics like love, our life path, dealing with certain life lessons we’ve chosen to walk through, or how to disconnect or protect oneself energetically from people in our lives that are draining, or are there for the wrong reasons.

While it may not take much bandwidth, we both shared how we see negative ramifications of these seemingly pleasant networks made to connect people more, but are truly for commerce created for people to get addicted to something to fill what may be a void of real connections in life. And how we’re seeing these negative aspects (when one isn’t using it solely for work purposes, which isn’t personal) because people now allow themselves to be exposed to others who wouldn’t have had access to them in a daily way years ago.

Since we all, as part of our human experience, have a darker side than the more evolved Higher Selves that our souls purely are, there is often more of the darker notes that come with this robotic technology that add unnecessary stress in our actual lives that would never have been there even in 2006, when people were still enjoying those new flip cell phones, when we still hadn’t become fully robotic yet and we weren’t constantly looking down at a piece of glass “connecting” to the rest of the world.

I told her about my Thrive post to delete Robot Land, that the message was to not just disconnect from people on Robot Land, but to delete it and pretend it didn’t exist. And how I had a conversation with friends that if we all had to be out there in the relationship space now in this new era we live in, I couldn’t be with anyone on these networks, to which would probably eliminate many people in this era now who aren’t self-reflective and don’t appreciate someone’s nature of protecting the relationship space from outside energies.

I was telling her about how it makes me like a British actor even more, when he talks defensively about valuing his privacy and not being on any anti-social network, not wanting to be accessible except to the closest people he cares about who know how to reach him and what he’s up to.

Every time I’m out running errands or walking, I see signs. It’s almost always pennies. Sometimes three. And earlier in the day, between my time with the two ladies, I saw a quarter as I was about to get into my car at Trader Joe’s. Ever since the new year, I also almost always see a certain set of initials on license plates in front of me. Last week, I thought I was making it up when I thought I saw the initial but it was one letter off. And when I looked up again the new car in front of me indeed had those initials. The same thing happened today. Signs from the guides that we’re on the right path. Our true life path. That we’re dialed in. And when we’re dialed into our Higher Selves, we’ll never be alone.

It was a nice affirmation today from the universe to find a new like-minded soul, spending time with two ladies (the kind of ladies who lunch) in one day, in the old analog ways. It was an important reminder that there are some wonderful gems out there in what seems like a colder world each day, one that is harder to live in and keep up with for those of us more sensitive types. These lovely people who aren’t looking at what others are doing daily, but instead, focusing on their own lives in what little time they know they have left to make an impact, since mathematically they don’t have much time left by the average human life span.

That if we follow our own path, even if it means not being part of Robot Land anymore and having to lose Robot Land friends on this new (old) road, when it comes to where we want to spend our energy, where we want our energy to count in the time we have here, we will attract these like-minded souls in the old-fashioned analog ways. The universe will see to that.

It gave me hope that if we do want to follow our own inner voice, our own Higher Selves, there are other old-fashioned people like us out there. We just have to be open in the old-fashioned ways. And trust the universe to make those divine connections for us. And continue to delete Robot Land. Pretend they don’t exist.


  • Kari is a writer and intuitive. The Go Beyond Here podcast is on iHeart Radio and in the U.K. on Podcast Radio, which also airs in London, Birmingham, Surrey, Manchester and Glasgow. She believes in using her gift to be of service, and is a frequent guest on radio stations including WBZ iHeart Radio, Boston, and KGO, San Francisco, giving free readings to listeners connecting loved ones and pets. She's also on stations around the country, Canada, and SiriusXM. Her readings are offered in the official GRAMMY gift bags to presenters and performers, and mentioned in Harper's Bazaar. She donates readings to charities that include William Shatner's Hollywood Charity Horse Show. Bylines incl.: PopSugar UK, Daily Telegraph (UK), Paste, KCET-TV, Kindred Spirit (UK). Guest blogs: Fastbikes (UK), Bike Rider (NZ), (AU).