We all are working from home in Pandemic from past many months. In this challenging time, very few developed skills which increased productivity for themselves and others.

Using mind and by creating a product boosting strategies in Pandemic:

I came across one inspiring young talent who you used his mind and developed a system which is working pretty well for many. His small productivity-boosting strategy via E-commerce is helping many today.

Creating an E-com platform in Pandemic:

An online agency based in Delhi The Indian ecom was started from scratch in January 2020. Till now within seven months it has managed to clock a revenue of approx $1 million, and now it is making a monthly profit of $150k-$180k (1.12cr to 1.34cr ). 

The company is giving a tough competition all over the market, and it’s unbelievable to see the amount of success in such a little time when generally a start-up just settles this is seeing Glory and touching wonder.

It’s not like the other ecom companies that generally works with good and affordable products. Instead, the Indian ecom work with high-end products and luxury, which automatically shifts the company into a higher level of competition. This is a general rule that wherever the number of competitors is less the amount of revenue in terms of money, success and popularity his more than any other area.

Made small chunks for Larger task:

He broke larger jobs into smaller pieces and then checked whether it is working for clients or not.

He has used lockdown time brilliantly and created a platform with his sharp mind. All his product boosting strategies are working for him, and it is also giving energy to others to do the same in this challenging time. 

Name: Jigar Saraswat

Company: Rajasi Media

Place: Surendranagar, Gujarat, India.