And the woman heard things 

Things that seemed to be 

All the solutions to her problems 

Captivated by the vast mountains 

She sought refuge 

In her own soul

For they say

There is no place like home

And where else is home, except inside your soul

The beauty of the exterior 

Only shone ever more light 

On the magic of the interior 

Magic indeed

For how can one see the truth 

When they are completely in denial

Painful as truth is 

Is also as majestic as truth is 

For each has its role to play 

The light and the dark

The love and the pain

The truth and the lies 

Where would we be, if not here?

Such an irrelevant question 

For you are here, now – and that’s all that matters 

Or is it?

Manifesting comes from dreaming 

Dreaming into reality that which you desire 

So perhaps denial is useful 

For to deny what is

Enables you to imagine what can be 

It’s almost like they play games

Intuition and denial 

Like children in a forest

Sometimes I’m confused 

Which voice is real?

Which sight am I seeing?

Rarely are there moments in life

When you truly know 

Who you are

So in those moments 

Grasp hold of your essence 

And bring it to the moment 

Your intuition is always right

And denying that which is 

Enables you to make things right for you 

So seek


Understand who you are

And live 




As you