I keep saying everything is day by day.  Just days ago, I posted a piece about how my ex-husband and I had to make the difficult decision that one home is better than two. We decided for the health of everyone that my apartment would be kid corona quarantine for the foreseeable future.  Well, it is a new day and over the weekend, we hit the road to Quarantine together.

But it’s not just us.  We are with his wife, her ex-husband and their kids. Just call us Modern Family 2020, Corona-style.

When one gets divorced we are reminded often, and it’s become ingrained in my head, to “do what’s in the best interest of the children.”  Now, in this crazy corona time, four parents are doing just that.   

With NYC now being the US epicenter of the coronavirus, and cases multiplying by the minute and with rules and regulations also changing by the day, we decided to make a temporary move.

In all fairness, my ex has been asking me to leave NYC for a week.  I couldn’t wrap my head around it.  Other than family and a few friends outside of NYC, who I didn’t want to potentially infect, I didn’t have a place to go.  I also didn’t want to leave my only home. I didn’t want to go anywhere outside of NY in case any of us got sick.   I didn’t want to leave the city where my parents are.  I didn’t want to leave my social distance walk and wine on the water with friends nearby.  With my business at a standstill, and little to no income in the foreseeable future since events cannot be held.  I couldn’t justify spending any unnecessary money. 

But days later, the fear is real. The life I didn’t want to leave is not in any of our best interests. The walks on the river were becoming fewer and fewer.  The time on the couch was becoming more and more.  My ex kept calling and asking if a house outside of NYC wouldn’t be better.  The life we knew is now non-existent. Wouldn’t a back yard, fresh air, no one around, the ability to hike or walk or run or play outside be in the best interest of all of the kids?  Wouldn’t it be in our best interest also? 

So how did we really come to this decision?  My kids’ stepsisters have been on spring break with their dad in Vermont. Their trip was about to end and their dad, rightfully so, couldn’t fathom bringing them back to NYC.  After many conversations and then a conference call between the four of us, and their ability to rent a house in Vermont that has not only space for all of us, but social distance possibilities as well, we hit the road.

If I get sick I won’t be alone.  If any of the kids get sick we will all be there.  

Will we eat together? Family yoga? Morning hikes?  Dinner drinks? How will it all work? There is anxiety.  But we are doing it in the best interest of the kids. 


  • Denise Albert


    The MOMS & Mamarazzi

    Denise Albert is an award-winning journalist, television producer and Co-Founder of The MOMS (TheMOMS.com) and Mamarazzi Celebrity Events.  She is a Journalist, Cancer Survivor and Activist.  Denise is a Former Producer at Good Morning America, and Former President and Executive Producer at David Blaine Productions.   She was the Co-Host of MOMS & The City on NBC's Digital Television Platform and Co-Host of The MOMS on SiriusXM Radio and Mamarazzi on People.com. The MOMS created the first ever mom-focused town hall series called Mamarazzi. The ever-popular Mamarazzi® events give influential moms and media access to celebrities in a town-hall discussion while partnering with top consumer brands.  Mamarazzi guests have included Emmy and Oscar winners, Sarah Jessica Parker, Will Smith, Nicole Kidman, Tina Fey, Hugh Jackman and Goldie Hawn.  To date she has executed over 300 Mamarazzi events.   Albert is also an Advocate for Breast Cancer and has shared her story on People.com and had an on-going series at GoodHousekeeping.com.  Denise speaks at Medical Conferences, Charity Events and other organizations on a variety of topics about her journey including alongside Mariano Rivera as keynote for his recent charity event.   When Denise was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in December, 2015, she felt lucky to be diagnosed early after she found a lump just months after a mammography (she had received a letter saying it was normal but didn't read further to see that it said she had dense breasts and may want further testing).  She had a lumpectomy in January and was fortunate enough to share her story on People.com.  Denise used social media and her platforms with The MOMS along with an ongoing series at GoodHousekeeping.com to continue to write about her journey.  ‬‬‬‬‬‬   Denise's video with the TSA after a horrific experience at LAX went viral and Denise is using that to educate others on the best ways to travel with illness.  Denise is in touch with hundreds of patients and families across the country and believes this answers the "why me?" and is passionate about raising awareness for Breast Cancer and helping others.    The MOMS created, produced and hosted, Strut, The Fashionable Mom Show that presented three times at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center.  Denise contributed to The Huffington Post Parents and The Huffington Post Divorce, where she wrote a series called, "Divorce Diaries". Denise previously served as a feature reporter for NBA-TV and a producer at Inside Edition.  Denise is a better mom because she works and a better worker because she’s a mom. She lives in NYC with her two boys, Jaron and Jaylan.