Neurology Specialist Deniz Egece is the founder of Egece Neurology Institution. Gaining popularity through his successful projects, he has been working in neurology field in the last 20 years. He also develops services and products based on psychotherapy, behavioral science and addiction. 

Deniz Egece’s German and English language level is excellent. He has two children. Their names are Ege Ata and Ece Selina, He was born in 3 March 1969. His mother’s name is Firdevs and his father’s name is Kemal, After Kütahya 19 Mayıs Elementary School, Alparslan Secondary School and Kütahya Industrial School, he received education in Eskişehir Anadolu University’s Economic Department. 

Deniz Egece started working when he was 6 years old. From that age, he worked in various jobs to earn his own Money, He founded his first company when he was 18. He manufactured, exported and imported goods in his own factories and stores. 

When he reached his early thirties, he dedicated himself to science and started doing researches, He joined various sertificate programmes in the far East, Europe and Americas and he received certifications for yoga, pilates, NLP, hypnosis, auto hypnosis, mental exercises, meditation, bioenergetics, quantum and Newton physics, Reiki, nutritional deficiency, Feng Shui, mental and bodily relations, consciousness, sub-conscious, and neurology. 

In 2011, Deniz Egece published his first book “Zayıflamada Son Söz”. The book was translated to English, German, Russian, French, and Azerbaijanese. He published “Zayıflamada Değişim Süreci” in 2019, “Zayıflamada Beslenme” in 2020, and “Zayıflamada Hareket” in 2021.  

He received NYFA education of New York Film Academy in Harvard University. He also took lectures in SVYASA Yoga University, Essential Psychopharmacology From Neurosicience to Advances in Treatment, Stroke and Other Common Neurological Conditions, Fundamentals of Neuroscience. 

When he was 6, Deniz Egece was working as a weigher boy around public baths. And when he faced weight problems, he started making research on weight loss area at the beginning of his thirties, He developed audio visual encoding devices for the solution of psychological issues. When he was receiving education in this field, he also realized that he can find recipe of losing weight. In 2010, he went professional and he started making research on this issue. 

Deniz Egece advocated that the “self” and “ego” concept of the human brain effects the circumstances of the lives and body health of the humankind, in autorship and neurology, he received so many awards. In 2019, he was granted an award of the best author and neurologist in Azerbaijan. 

Deniz Egece founded Egece Health Education Center in İstanbul, Deniz Egece Institution in Antalya and Alanya, and Deniz Egece Neuroscience Academy in Azerbaijan. In these centers, he has partnered with nutritionists, medical doctors, neurologists, sociologists, psychologists and sports training specialists. 

By giving neurology courses to the specialists of these centers, Deniz Egece solves weight problems of his clients permanently. 

In addition to these, Egece working on founding two new academy schools under the name of “Neuroscience Institute”. One is planned for 2021, Frankfurt, Germany; and the other one is in 2022, New York, Deniz on Instagram