I came across some old scribbles on an old pen drive I had stored away.

Saved amongst a power of personal notes, thoughts and mini-stories, was a poem that I wrote, about what life being depressed was like.

I would like to share this poem with you to show that you are not alone with your thoughts, but to also show you that it doesn’t have to limit your ability to achieve all you wish to, in life.

I want to tell you that there is hope.

I’ve came a long way since those dark, dark times and now, I am proud to say that I am strong enough to self-manage my Mental Health Disorder and haven’t looked back.

What changed? A lot to be honest. But finding something that makes your tummy tingle helps.

My advice would be to find your passion, and then just let it be.

“The Deep, Low, Banging Drum”.

I hear the low, deep, banging drum,
I brace myself to dip
It hits my mind, my heart, my soul,
In one, almighty grip

I feel its grasp fill up my head,
As it swallow’s me down whole
And through my eyes, my life seems bleak,
Depression, takes its toll

My loved ones’ beg, my loved ones’ plead,
They wonder what’s so “bad”
They cannot seem to understand,
The reason’s why I’m sad…

The low, deep, drum invades my space,
It resonates my mind,
Trying to seek some happiness,
I just can’t seem to find…

The added guilt that my low mood,
Starts to beat down those I love
I hate myself for being so weak,
Why can’t I rise above?

I try to list the worth I bring,
But I can’t write down even one!
It’s hard to hear good thoughts amongst
That low, deep, banging drum…