To pursue a path in the arts is like preparing oneself for a life filled with regrets and disappointments. Indeed, the journey towards success in the realm of the arts can be a grueling one, but just like all good things in life, it takes time. And believing in the hidden magic of stoicism, Derek Glaskin took his time to develop his craft that was bound to create ripples of changes in the sphere of fashion and art.

Derek Glaskin, who is best known for his indigenous approach to visual art, has spent over 50 years mastering his craft. Now at 63, this contemporary Aboriginal Australian artist has proven himself worthy of his sterling image in the creative world.

Born and bred with an eye for detail, Derek has shown his love for the arts at a very young age. While holding an ordinary pen, Derek would draw rough sketches of different places on paper for the sake of passing the time. But the weight of his creative potential fully manifested when he unintentionally crossed paths with an unhappy traveler.

When Derek was about ten years old, his innate artistic talents rose above as he met a disheartened tourist around town. Seeing how his eyes spoke with tones of sadness and disappointment, Derek offered the traveler a beautiful sketch of the beach. It was at this moment when Derek knew that his path was destined to take on a world filled with colorful hues.

So with a paintbrush and a pocketful of dreams, he began his journey. Although his life was painted with the end in mind, it was during his college years where he completely understood the complexities of his chosen field. In college, he met some of the most noteworthy figures in the realms of fashion and art, including his art lecturer, X – the New York Times Pen and Wash fashion artist, and George Voudouris, who taught commercial illustration at the Perth Technical College from 1969 to 1981.

As his love for the arts grew fiercely, so did his proficiency in the craft. And with a heart fixated upon producing masterful pieces, he eventually found his center in the tropical colors of Hawaii.

Having spent half of his life in Hawaii, it comes as no surprise how his artworks boast of distinct shades of palms, sands, and clear blue waters. With a palette filled with earthy and vibrant colors of the islands’ rich culture, Derek’s paintings portray the unique story of life in the time of the Cosmopolynesian era – when humans are out conquering heavenly bodies, just like how Polynesians populated islands in the past.

Some of his most notable artworks include Atooi Te Moana Nui A Kiva, a painting that tells the journey of Polynesians sailing across the Pacific Ocean in one canoe, Pueo Aliʻi Nui, which portrays an owl as a spirit animal, and Kamehameha, where it depicts the Aliʻi Nui, or king, who united the Hawaiian Islands.

To Derek, one must work with an authentic and tenacious spirit to go after an almost unattainable dream. Being an artist is not easy, but in displaying his masterpieces, he hopes to encourage others by telling a story of how combining patience and perseverance can lead to unfolding a good ending.

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