What was your battle with mental illness like?

My battle with mental health was the hardest obstacle I ever experienced in my life. It’s something out of your control. When I was 19 years old I lost my great grandmother to cancer and my best friend in a horrific car accident. That moment was the darkest period of my life. It got so bad that I quit my corporate sales job, gave up on promoting nightclubs and stayed home without leaving my house for months. It was so bad that I had to go see a doctor that later on diagnosed me of depression. I started taking antidepressants to cope with the pain. However, it only made the matter worse. 

How did you overcome your mental illness?

I overcame my mental illness through constantly working on myself everyday. I call it personal development. I believe the mindset is such a powerful thing. That being said, what you think about is what you attract into your life. This is referred to as the law of attraction. I began to visualize the way I wanted my life to be. In my room I have vision boards all over my wall of goals I want to achieve. When I do accomplish them I take them down and put new ones. You have to be willing to sacrifice what you love for a period of time or else what you love will become the sacrifice. Our greatest tests will be our greatest testimony. This means that God will put you through trials and tribulations to prepare you for what is to come. Therefore, with that mindset it allowed me to overcome my mental illness.

What are your top 5 tips for success?

  1. Find your passion

When you fall in love with what you do it doesn’t feel like work anymore. The reason to have a passion for what you do is because if you don’t love it or have fun doing it you’ll eventually give up. If you look at the quote on quote successful people in the eyes of society and the ones who never made it often the ones who were successful loved what they did so they could preserve when it got really tough and the ones that didn’t love it quit.

  1. Find a mentor

When you’re good at what you do you’ll feel happier in your work and personal life. When you’re successful, you’ll earn more money. Your mentor will have the experience to help you make better decisions in your life because they were once in your shoes and made mistakes that you can avoid by listening to them.

  1. Write down your goals  

I believe in the law of attraction and affirmations. What you think about you attract into your life good or bad. As a result you have to visualize and wish things into existence before they actually happen in order for them to become reality.

  1. Master your craft 

It’s one thing to write down your goals and think positive thoughts but it’s another to put the work in. You can’t just wish things to happen or ask the universe to help you get them without putting the work in. It doesn’t work like that. Yes you need to see yourself having them but you have to work as well. Without the work faith is dead.

  1. Stay consistent 

It’s great and all to reach certain levels of success. However, to stay successful is being consistent. Consistency develops routines and builds momentum. It forms good habits that become almost second nature. People are always expecting the same results from you if not better. Staying consistent allows for that to happen.


  • Johnny Medina

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