What if I said to you that you have the power to design and create the life you want. Would you believe me?

My journey into designing and creating the life I’ve always wanted started with a simple visualisation. I was in my 9 to 5 job and I decided to visualise how my life would look if nothing changed and I carried on on my employment path. I fast forwarded 10-15 years and despite seeing myself reaching the top of my career ladder, I felt like a complete failure. I saw myself working 9 to 5 or rather 9-8, not having enough time for my hobbies or my family. I saw myself exhausted and stressed from trying to fight for work-life balance. Despite seeing a successful career I felt so miserable as I saw the life I did not want. This was my wake up call. After this quick visualisation I realised that I had to dramatically change and create the life I want. Here is how I started my journey into creating the life I wanted.

Step 1 – Visualise your ideal lifestyle

Start visualising your ideal lifestyle. Let go off any limitations, boundaries, let your imagination go and dream big. Visualise your ideal lifestyle as if you could not fail, as if no one would ever judge you. Take some time to relax, close your eyes and get started!

At first, I found it really difficult to visualise but the more I let go of my own set limitations, my conditioning and people’s ideas of what my life should look like, the more I started connecting with what I truly wanted. Remember to connect with your visualisation on an emotional level to strengthen it. The feelings you start to experience while visualising will be a great indicator of whether this is really the life you want. If you don’t feel any excitement or happiness when you connect with your vision, then it is probably not right for you. Visualise daily. The more you visualise, the more you will connect with your true self and the easier you will find it. Once you connect with your vision you might feel overwhelmed with happiness and fulfilment. When this happens, you know you have found it. So go and create it.

Step 2 – Vision Board

Once you see your vision, transfer it onto your vision board. Print photos that represent your vision and the feelings you want to experience. Once I did this, I realised that everything on my vision board is realistic and can be achieved. It is all possible. When I was visualising I still thought it was more like dreaming and wishful thinking but the minute I saw all my photos in front of my eyes I realised that this could become my reality. I knew I had to get it!

Step 3 – Turn your dreams into goals

Turn your dreams on your vision board into goals. I prioritised my goals and started working on the goals with the highest priority. Normally our goals will be huge change so break each goal into steps. Make sure your goals/steps are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Action-Focused, Realistic and Time-Bound).

Once you have your steps, you now have a plan to achieve your goals. Having a plan of how to achieve my goals on my vision board was such an empowering moment. I felt like I was on top of the world, full of energy, hope, motivation and focus. There was no stopping me.

Step 4 – Time for ACTION

Once you have your goals and your plan, it is time to act. This is a crucial part as without taking action, nothing will ever change, and your dreams will stay dreams. Do whatever it takes to action your steps and you will be shocked as to how quickly your vision board becomes your reality.

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