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When discussing the reasons why people get divorced, psychologists often forget about bad interior design. Home is where people spend their weekends and come from work every evening. If you feel uncomfortable in your own home, you will take it out on your spouse. Eventually, you may come to think about a divorce as the only way to escape that place that has been making you so unhappy.  Thus, interior design can impact a relationship like powerful break up spells. To prevent it from happening, take the advice given by the world’s best interior designers to turn your home into a place where love lives forever.


In many families only one of the spouses is usually in charge of interior design, which is not right. Your partner and you are sure to have different tastes, if not in interior design styles in general, then at least in interior decoration. This misunderstanding may trigger some fights which can ultimately lead to a break up. If your partner lets you have it your way despite disagreeing with you, fighting will only be postponed. In that case your interior design will work like a time bomb for your relationship.

Never let this happen and try to reach a compromise or agree to decorate some rooms according to your taste and the rest of the house according to your spouse’s taste.


It has been proven that spouses sleeping in different rooms keep the love and passion alive in their relationship longer. But even if you are not going to sleep in separate bedrooms, make sure you and your spouse have your own rooms. You do not have to spend all your time in there every day, but having that kind of privacy once in a while is sure to have a positive effect on your marriage like professional love spells.

Consequently, living in a studio apartment is the best way to wreck a relationship. A studio is okay if you have just started dating. It works well in the first few of weeks of dating just because it does not give you any privacy. However, certain people will find living in a studio unbearable.


Couples rarely have the same temperament. As a rule, differences in personalities make for better relationships. So you should always take into consideration your partner’s personality and temperament. If your partner likes to stay at home, he probably likes old-fashioned houses and traditional interior design. If he likes to party and have fun, the interior design should be chosen accordingly. This brings us to a previously outlined solution – decorating rooms in different styles to satisfy each of the partners’ design needs. There is another option. Each room can be divided into sections and each section can be decorated differently. As a result, each of the rooms will have something both, you and your partner like.


Strangely, designers think so too. The thing is one of the spouses is likely to believe it is wrong to spend too much money on home décor because there are better ways to spend money. If that spouse is not you, do not give your spouse a reason to get mad and remember that he or she will love the interior which you created spending as little money as you possibly could.

Remember that conflicts over money are the reason why every second marriage fails (some claim every two marriages out of three). Conflicts over money impact a marriage like a break up spell. So it is better to begin with asking your spouse, “How much money are you willing to spend to renovate our house?” and then start planning your renovation.


Most house and apartment renovations are done according some general plan: the old stuff is thrown out, a renovation is made, and new stuff is purchased. This is wrong. Even if you are going to renovate your entire house, ask your spouse if there is anything he or she would want to keep. Yes, this will be a challenge to fit your old chair into your new interior or not to throw away some tasteless painting your spouse got from some relative. But you should make it happen one way or another, for which your spouse will be forever grateful to you, as compromising and mutual understanding are what makes a marriage stronger.


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