2020 has challenged and changed us all. It has taught us more about ourselves from our time in quarantine, taught us more about each other through our new ways of virtually connecting (I’ve grown so fond of seeing kids and puppies in our Zoom meetings!), and most importantly, it has taught us the importance of caring for one another.

In the past 8 months, we have been separated from the ones we love, from our friends, from simple social pleasures like dining out in a crowded restaurant or getting dressed up to attend an event you’ve had on your calendar for months. But through it all, we’ve found ways to lift each other up and make each other smile.

This year has reminded me why I started my company in the first place – to give the gift of joy. As a jewelry brand, that might sound unusual at first. We are not an “essential” business, we aren’t selling products that you need to survive like food, medicine, or clothing. Jewelry is an indulgence, something you “treat yourself” to, something that is meant to bring joy. I have been humbled to see that even in this trying time, our customers are so eager to come back to us to shop for a gift for their friends or family, or even themselves.

At Kendra Scott, we believe in giving the gift of joy not just through beautiful jewelry, but through doing good. This season, when our loved ones and communities need it most, I hope you’ll join me in this mission. Read on for just a few easy ways you can spread a little joy…

Surprise friends or family with a thoughtful gift and an encouraging note.

We can all think of someone in our lives who could use a pick-me-up these days. Whether it’s a friend going through a tough time, or a family member who lives far away, a small token to say you’re thinking about them can go a long way. I love to send a personalized gift or one of their favorite sweet treats, along with a handwritten note filled with kind and encouraging words. If there’s one benefit to quarantine, it’s that I have definitely gotten back on the snail mail train! 

Send a thank you to your local frontline workers.

We owe so much to the healthcare staff, first responders, teachers, and all other frontline workers in our community. They have endured through so many challenges and countless difficult days, all so we could stay home and stay safe. They are the too often unsung heroes, but they deserve to be celebrated, now more than ever. One of my favorite moments over the past few months has been seeing the smiles on the faces of frontline workers when we show up bearing everything from cookies or burgers, to yellow boxes full of jewelry. You can do the same for your local heroes, whether that means sending a gift package or simply writing a heartfelt note of thanks.

Shop with intention.

I have always held philanthropy at the core of what’s important to me, and my business. Year-round, we dedicate a percentage of our sales back to our community and invest in meaningful causes that empower women and children to live their brightest, healthiest lives. This month, like every October, we have launched a brand new ‘Shop for Good’ jewelry collection, proceeds from which benefit the Breast Cancer Research Fund. Giving back is the heart of who we are at Kendra Scott, and I encourage every entrepreneur I meet to integrate that pillar into their business. 

Wherever you choose to shop, I challenge you to consider spending your dollars where you know they will contribute to a greater cause. Shopping with intention matters, because when you support brands with a philanthropic heart, we can do good together and make a greater impact on the world around us.

Whether you’re donating your time to a cause you care about or surprising your friend with something special, we each have the power to give the gift of joy. I’d love to hear how you are joining our mission. Comment below and tell us how you are finding ways to spread joy!


  • Kendra Scott

    Designer, Founder & Philanthropist

    Kendra Scott is a loving mom, a driven entrepreneur, and a passionate designer who believes the truest form of success is giving back in a meaningful way. She started her company in 2002, just three months after her first son was born, with only $500. Known for her dynamic use of color and genuine materials, Kendra’s commitment to innovation, quality and detail has brought her from a small start-up to a billion-dollar brand that has won over loyal fans, media and celebrities alike. With over 2,000 employees, Kendra Scott boasts a thriving web business and over 100 standalone stores, and has expanded beyond fashion jewelry into the categories of fine jewelry, home décor, and beauty. Since she began her company, Kendra has lived by three core values: Family, Fashion and Philanthropy. She created a brand and culture that authentically values giving back and making a positive difference in the community. The Kendra Scott company maintains a focus on its customers and the causes close to their hearts, having donated over $30 million to local, national and international causes since 2010. Kendra is a member of the board of directors for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. She has been awarded with the EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 National Award; the Breakthrough Award from the Accessories Council Excellence Awards; named Outstanding Mother of the Year by the Mother’s Day Council; awarded Texas Businesswoman of the Year by the Women’s Chamber of Commerce; listed by Forbes as one of America's Richest Self-Made Women; Top 100 Entrepreneurs of the Year by Upstart Business Journal; and Best CEO by Austin Business Journal. She is a member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America and maintains her position as Chairman of the Board of Kendra Scott, LLC.