It’s the week before Christmas and all through the town,

The chaos and confusion has everyone down.

She’s lost her drive, he’s lost his vision,

Everywhere you turn, there is only division.

One man says this, the other says that,

Anger arises, no one bothers to chat.

With virus and crisis and corruption galore,

A voice rose up loudly and proclaimed, “No More!”

Only wonder, hope and joy should you allow your eyes to view,

The sounds of love and peace in your ears just for you. 

Vaccines, elections and scandals may divide

But, the truth of all matters will always arise.

No longer will screens control how we feel

Our happiness and joy they no longer will they steal.

We will turn our thoughts on ways to improve

How we eat and we think and especially we move.

No longer will we sit in our house all alone

We will contact our friends through the digital zone.

Through Zoom, through Webex and even FaceTime,

We will connect with them for fun and make sure they are fine.

Our friends, our family and our selves have endured,

More pain and despair that made us unsure.

A year of changes, losses and hearts that are broken

The whisper of hope barley flickered unspoken.

The time has come to remember our power,

To reclaim all that 2020 tried to devour.

No need to lament for a new day we hail

And with our new skills we shall surely PREVAIL.

No problem, no matter, no challenge, you see

Is strong enough to defeat us with the right strategy.

So onward and upward toward 2021 we soar,

The drama of 2020 we have all become bored.

Through focus, through vision and courage we start

With healing and movement and connection we march.

A promise to stand firm against any storms we may face,

Our courage increases as we run our race.

We will hold tight to the promise of a future secure

Our renewed determination and might remains sure.

Our families and communities we begin to restore

Through faith, hope and love we accomplish much more.

With fresh determination we soon will discover

We can reach out to others to help us recover.

All things are better when joined in together

The hope and the promise of making things better.

We focus on our future one day at a time,

Our stories of success we will all soon chime.

As we embrace the reason for this beautiful season

We remember our strengths and find a new vision.

We no longer fear that we can not succeed

As we celebrate the birth of a baby indeed.

We can trust in the power of the Spirit within

Knowing through all with us He has been.

The love of the Father in Heaven above

Gives us our joy, peace, hope, faith and love.

We now welcome the challenges the New Year may bring

We know we can PREVAIL and our victories we sing!

Let’s Prevail Together!