When was the last time you promised to get your health in check? The last time you had a New Year Resolution? If you can think back on those health and fitness goals, did you visualize a destination?

Visualizing future goals that are realistic and meaningful to you can motivate your “emotional elephant” to reach your destination.

If you could send yourself a DESTINATION POSTCARD of the future you, what would that postcard say?

Is the “future you” the BEST version of yourself?

Why not have the future you be YOUR goal? You deserve the BEST you.

When we think about change, we automatically turn to the negative and say things we don’t want or will not do. Try a different approach, be proactive, and focus on adding positives to your health and fitness. Develop positive habits that will make you feel great and one step closer to the BEST version of you!

The #1 reason that people don’t meet their goals is THEY DON’T HAVE ANY GOALS TO MEET. They have not gone beyond what they have accepted as “just the way it is.”

They have not made a new decision about what they truly want for their life, what they are willing to become to meet it, and what they will come to enjoy from making this choice. And it all begins with deciding to step-up and change and go after what you WANT.

Making a DECISION is how you get everything in your life moving in the right direction. It is a matter of realizing that most people have under-developed decision-making muscles.

Nowadays, people’s version of a decision is “wishful thinking” or hoping they can do something “about it” one day.

It’s like saying, “Wouldn’t it be nice to…” instead of “I’m getting this S#^! done no matter what!”

They also live by the I DON’T WANT mantra, saying things like:

I don’t want to feel “ugly” anymore
I don’t want to feel uncomfortable in my clothing
I don’t want to lose my breath chasing after the kids
I don’t want my energy dragging on the floor after every meal I have

This is that negative thinking you leave in the past, let’s turn these into WANTS, DECIDE to say things like:

I want to see myself as the beautiful woman/man I am


I want to feel confident in everything I wear


I want to beat my kids in a race at the park.


I want to radiate with energy and be able to move like a teenager

Today, come up with your Destination Postcard.

In your ideal “DESTINATION”…

Where do you want to be?
What do you want to be doing?
What do you want to feel?
What adventures do you want to be having?

Don’t worry about how “realistic” this is now.

Whether it’s doing a spartan race, running a 5K, Deadlifting 400 lbs, competing in bodybuilding, feeling like a ninja, or just fitting into old clothes… imagine who and where you could be one year from now.

Then capture that in your “POSTCARD.”