Destiny Payton-Williams

As an African American woman business owner, she saw first-hand how Black men and women invested a large portion of their paychecks into the industry, but the lack of Black business owners was astounding. Less than 3% of the industry is owned by Black entrepreneurs. She knew it was time for a change and did something about it.

While there were challenges along the way, like simply getting on the inside with vendors accepting her products, she refused to quit. Her mantra is “Find a way or make one!” and she’s done just that. She’s made her way into an industry that seemed to have closed doors to the African American business owners.

Destiny Payton-Williams

Today, MaDonni Beauty has opened doors to a beauty supply store along with salon suites in Huntsville, Alabama. Speaking of Huntsville, Destiny can be found as a cast member on Oprah’s OWN Network’s show, Love & Marriage: Huntsville. But she has big dreams and owning one supply store isn’t the goal. In fact, she’s creating opportunities for others through her MaDonni Beauty & Business Academy where people can learn about the industry, as well as start a beauty business that will allow people to grow a business where there wasn’t an opportunity prior. She looks forward to helping others grow the industry as well with more Black business owners in an area that’s been overlooked.

There’s nothing stopping her now, and while COVID may have challenged many business owners, Destiny is a fierce businesswoman refusing to let anything get in her way.

This smart and savvy Real Estate Investor, reality star, and entrepreneur is leading the way for others and looks forward to taking beauty business owners along with her as she blazes the way to continued success.

The MaDonni Beauty brand is focused on “All Things Beauty,” and that a strong, Black businesswoman opening a business in an area lacking diversity is a thing of beauty for sure. Don’t you agree?

She’s included products such as magnetic lashes, virgin hair extensions, shampoos, treatments, edge control, and more in her own MaDonni Beauty line. Because Black men and women pour so much money into this area, she hopes to expand the growth of the beauty industry to be more inclusive, so more people of color can also own a piece of the industry.

Destiny knows business. Be sure to keep an eye on her, because she’s going to thrive.