Stress is a complicated phenomenon that can potentially cause several psychological problems. It’s been found by a number of studies to be an underlying cause of depression, anxiety and burnout. But for some strange reasons, it’s become a recurring part of every office and business.  Even homes are not spared. And very few people seem to really care.

It’s therefore not surprising that mental breakdown is on the rise just as suicide tuned into a global emergency. Shootings are happening in unimaginable places and it seems nowhere is secure.

All this at a monstrous cost to businesses and governments.

But should it continue this way?

No. You’ve got to watch it. You need to let off the heat and remove stress from your life in order to give your overall sense of well-being a huge boost.

Trust me, you don’t need to wait until things get out of hand before taking action. Trying one or a combination of the activities below will do you lots of good.

1.        Connect with people in person, not through gadgets

Sadly, the smartphone is fast severing human bounds and connections. This is quite unfortunate. People seated around a table yet disconnected by these gadgets is now a common sight. Imagine chatting with faceless people over the Internet and neglecting those around you. It’s really appalling.

So, switch off your smartphone and connect with real people around you. Talk, laugh and, in fact have belly laughs with colleagues at lunch. Go visiting friends and family during the weekend and do lots of real talks with them.

You can’t compare the magical powers of a loved one’s smiling face to that of the smiley in your smartphone.

2.        Go camping

Camping has been around for long. However, the modern day busy schedule has made it almost impossible for most of us to go camping. Well, you need to work it back into your schedule, if only once a month.

And with today’s technologies, camping doesn’t need to be strenuous. You just have to prepare adequately and make provision for the essentials. Appropriate clothing, foodstuffs, especially canned ones, lighting and the like are indispensable. 

You can even go with a power source. A mini diesel generator will be fine if you can afford the luxury. If not, rechargeable lamps and rechargers are available on the market. And they’re quite cheap.

3.        Go on vacation

You need to find time to unwind and reset your factory setting. Escaping from the hubbub of city life once in a while is a dose you must take devotedly. A country cottage is a very good place to vacate, if you’ve got access to one. There, you can actively reconnect with nature. You can breathe fresh air and listen to the natural rhythms of nature as against the cacophony of city life.

Vacation by design maybe a little more expensive than camping, but it doesn’t have to be as frequent. May be just once every year. But you need to be religious about it. Your body needs it.

4.        Go picnicking

This doesn’t have to wait till the weekends, and I mean it! You can still go picnicking in the evening after the day’s work. It is part of connecting with people as it is traditionally never done alone. And these are not just any people, they’re the loved ones.

Believe me, being in the company of your loved ones, chatting with them over a meal and being surrounded by beautiful natural scenery can pretty well rejuvenate your heart. And illuminate your face.

Work the above activities into your everyday life and destress your work and private life.