Every successful being who attain their goals have the qualities of Determination and Perseverance within them.

As an Entrepreneur or any goal-minded person – it is easy to set up a plan and hallucinate a big dream that will make you smile.

But attaining these dreams and goals is not as easy as many people think.

You have to pass through some hurdles before you can achieve success and claim victory.

Determination and Perseverance are the parents that can feed, clothe and house you in life until you can achieve success.

And the only way they can do all these for you is only if you accommodate them within yourself.

There are a lot of inner forces that can stop you from achieving success in life.

That is why any entrepreneur or a goal-minded person needs to have in mind that they are their worst enemy.

Forget all the competitions around you because they are controllable – you can easily get to work and break any record.

But when it comes to yourself, it is very difficult to control yourself from quitting.

There are a lot of inner forces that will stop you from achieving success – but the only gift you can give yourself is to inculcate the attitude of Determination and Perseverance.

Let us quickly look at the definition of Perseverance and That of Success.

After that, we will discuss briefly the forces that can hinder you from attaining success and achieving your goals.

What is Determination?

Determination is the inner drive that is composed to foresee a certain goal and take adequate effort towards achieving success with the goal.

What is Perseverance?

Perseverance is the continuous effort made towards attaining success with your goal even with the obstacles faced along the way.

So, with this definition given to you by me, you can easily see that the parent of success is both determination and Perseverance.

Because without them, it will be difficult to achieve success.


You can see that it is uneasy for anyone who embarks on a certain journey – but when we want to start a journey.

We look at it as if it is easy – but by the time you start to go deeper into your goal. You will realize that’s it’s not easy.

Inner Forces That Stops You From Achieving Success

There are a few forces that are enemies to accommodate Perseverance and Determination within us.

And we will quickly look into them below.

  2. FEAR

Let us discuss them briefly,


Comfortability is the first inner force that can deny you from attaining success in life.

Many people have grown so sluggish that they are just comfortable with their zone.

They don’t even want to leave their comfort zone and prefer to shine beneath the light.

No one will notice if you are exiting – the majority of people who are making waves and gain popularity are not truly the best in their field.

They only attain success because they left their comfort zone and go into the world.

Because the world is where you can shine your glory and attain success.

But because many beginner entrepreneurs don’t want to leave their comfort zone. They easily delay or kill their success.

Determination and Perseverance cannot keep you long as your parent if you don’t want to leave your comfort zone.

Because they will get tired and you will lose interest because whatever you are doing beneath will not shine.

The moment you spend months doing whatever you are doing in your comfort zone – you realize that you’re tired.

Why? Because no one notice you – when people check your portfolio – it is empty.

That’s why you have to leave your comfort zone so as to achieve success with Determination and Perseverance.

2. FEAR:

Fear of failure is what made many people keep shinning under the light without popping.

Fear will only shrink your determination and Perseverance and deny you access to achieve success.

It is normal for every person who wants to embark on any successful journey to have fear at first.

Many things will come into your mind concerning failure and you might feel exhausted.

But it shouldn’t stop you from doing whatever you want to do or continuing your journey.

Many people have embarked on an entrepreneurship journey and just because they experience an obstacle – they fear to continue.

They forget that they will still live to fight the battle another day. Just because this battle has hindered them from progressing now.

They will quit and later come back to what they ran away from.

While the person who stood still and fought the battle will have achieved success.

What I just wrote here is very easy to digest but difficult to comprehend in a real-life situation.

You will see someone start a journey with another person and 5 years is gone very quickly.

The one who fought his battle will become rich while the one who keeps running from one journey to another will be struggling financially.

Just the FEAR to challenge their obstacles is making them quit and keep running from one opportunity to another.

And the internet is filled with so many opportunities – if you wait for one today… you can easily start another.

But what happens? What Changes? Nothing – you keep moving along the same circle without any clear path.

So, always face your challenges and fight every battle. Don’t let your FEAR overcome you. You are a warrior.


Another inner force that many people find easy to accept and accommodate which will chase away their determination and Perseverance is EXCUSE.

An excuse is something very easy to make and it is an achievement on its own – but leads to failure.

Giving of excuse is what we all find easy to do – I can easily shift the blame on something as to why I can’t publish this content.

Before I was approved as a coordinator in Thrive Global – I can easily say I can’t do it because I don’t feel capable.

“Feeling capable” is an excuse on its own and the excuse will accept my proposal and I stay relieved.

But what happens? Nothing! I will keep circulating in the same aspect without any movement.

So, the act of giving excuses is what we all find very easy to make.

Sometimes, someone will ask me for something and I will provide an answer.

But when I ask why they haven’t kickstart and why should they delay that much.

The next answer is that “I don’t have time”. That alone is an EXCUSE and it’s the most common one.

People always don’t have time – you will see someone sleeping all day or scrolling through social media all day.

And when you ask the person why he or she hasn’t embark on a journey – they will say “They don’t have time”.

And for sure, they don’t have the time because they are investing it in something.

But is it productive? No! So, you have to know that whatever you are doing.

You are investing your time into it – but you just have to channel your time on what is more productive than what is not productive.

Because before you realize – a year and two years are already gone. And you will still keep lamenting you don’t have time.

The clock is always ticking and will await nobody. So, you just have to invest your time in what is more productive.

And to wrap up this section – you should stop giving excuses or blaming anything for your mistakes.

Instead, blame yourself…

Because if YOU are not YOU. What happened wouldn’t have happened. Read that again.


The attitude of shifting things till the later time is not new but a popular character among majorly everyone.

Is there someone who doesn’t procrastinate in life? No one.

We all procrastinate but those who know the consequences of procrastination immediately control themselves.

Those who don’t know the consequences blame it on EXCUSE.

The thing is that you have to eliminate the attitude of procrastination in you.

You can decide to do something – but you will procrastinate it once you see that it’s not even working out as you planned.

When you started that journey of your life – you were like, you can quickly become successful within 3 months.

But now the 3 months is here and nothing has changed – all your plans look like a failure.

So, you procrastinate and blame it all on EXCUSE. This will never take you far in life.

You have to control yourself when it comes to procrastination and always takes that action.

Some people would have created an empire that will make them become a benchmark to other people.

But because of the attitude of PROCRASTINATION – they have failed to achieve their dreams.

Whatever reason you have towards you not taking an action – in as much as you are not dead sick on the hospital bed.

You should always take an action and quit the attitude of procrastination. Because it is your worst enemy.

Best Practices To Seal Your Determination and Perseverance

To Wrap This Up, Let me quickly take you on some best practices you can take to seal your Determination and Perseverance in Life – so as for you to attain success.

  • See Mistakes and Failure As A Process.
  • Learn From Mistakes.
  • Tell Your Story.

See Mistakes and Failure As A Process:

You have to always see every mistake and failure as a normal process along your way to success.

No one ever got it once. If it’s easy to get at once then many people would have become successful.

Almost everyone will now become a millionaire and a billionaire in their line of expertise.

So, you shouldn’t settle for less – aim for the best and you will always see failure as a stepping stone.

Learn From Your Mistakes & Failure:

Another top I have for you is to always learn from your mistakes and failures.

Since you have made the mistake – always learn from it because you just gained an experience.

The fact is that experience is the best teacher. No matter how good your tutor is…

…he or she will only teach you based on the experience gotten from life.

But your journey is different from their journey – even though you are aiming for the same destination.

So, you should always learn from your mistakes because that is what will take you to achieve success.

Tell Your Story:

You should always tell your story as you are going through your journey to success.

People resonate with stories a lot – when you tell your story. It makes people want to cling to you.

They will feel inspired because they want someone who has already passed through what they are experiencing.

So, always tell your story along your way to success.


Here is one thing that you have to know – Whatever you have experienced – Someone else you look up to has already experienced it.

So, Don’t ever think of quitting in life – Grow your Determination and Perseverance and you will see yourself achieving success.