“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Will Durant

When asked what his secret to success was, billionaire business tycoon and investment guru Warren Buffett said, “Reading”. In fact, this habit of his is so integral to his work that Buffett attributes his entire life’s success to it.

There are no set recipes for improving our productivity and success at work. However, by incorporating certain habits into your daily routine, you will soon find yourself getting more work done in lesser time.

Here is a list of habits that you should incorporate in your everyday life, to ensure better performance in the workplace:

v Set your clock an hour early

It’s been observed that people who get to work early and start on their tasks earlier than others are a lot calmer as the day progresses. By coming in early, you get a chance to plan your day and start working on more challenging tasks when your mind is fresh.

v Create a to-do list

Drafting a to-do list will help you plan your day in advance and schedule your work. Doing so every day avoids confusion and helps you work more efficiently. Lists can also help you go back and check whether you’ve completed a task or not. Making this a habit will help you work more comfortably.

v Take notes

Note taking not only keeps you from losing stray ideas, it also helps you eloquently explain what you intend to do with these ideas. Taking notes will help you chart your plans step-by-step and will also help you identify potential faults or problems. Notes will also help you identify work opportunities.

v Use visualization in your work

Visualization as a method to goal accomplishment has always been a favorite with thought leaders. Incorporate visualization in your work to gain a clear understanding of your expectations, efforts, and goals. When you visualize your outcome, chances of your working towards achieving it are higher.

v Don’t eat at your desk

A big mistake that many employees indulge in is eating at their desks. Your lunch break is meant to be just that – a ‘break’ from work and the associated stress. By eating at your desk, you are depriving your mind and body of the reprieve they need to work better.

Make a habit of eating outside of your work area. Socialize with your colleagues. Small pleasures like these will stimulate your gray cells and help you feel refreshed and energetic.

v Read

Reading enhances the soul and broadens the mind. Just like Warren Buffett, a large number of highly successful people such as Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking emphasize the importance of reading to success. When you read, you are exposed to new concepts and ideas. You may even find ways to improve your performance at work by reading a blog or an article.

While making habits stick can be a challenge, the effort is definitely worth it. Include these habits in your daily routine and experience tremendous professional success.