If you are concerned that your child is showing signs of a developmental delay or behavior problems, who can help you find out what is happening? The first person to talk to is your child’s doctor or other health care provider. Your doctor may recommend another doctor who specializes in these problems. That professional is called a developmental and behavioral pediatrician.

These Child specialists in Lahore are pediatricians who have additionally studied for three years a specialization in developmental and behavioral problems. They often work in urban areas, so depending on where you live, it may not be easy to find one.

Here’s what you need to know about developmental and behavioral pediatricians:

What Developmental and Behavioral Pediatricians Do

The primary role of developmental and behavioral pediatricians is to assess children who are not developing, learning, or behaving in the same way as their peers. Children can be referred to these specialists through their state’s early intervention program. They are also referred by their doctors.

These specialists can clarify what you are seeing and make a diagnosis. For example, if your child misbehaves in school and elsewhere, you or his teacher might suspect that he has ADHD. However, there are other difficulties that may seem ADHD, like anxiety. Also, many kids can have more than one problem.

Here are some of the things that developmental and behavioral pediatricians can evaluate:

Delayed development of speech, language, or motor skills

Non-verbal learning disabilities or other difficulties with social skills


A mental health problem such as anxiety


Problems in school performance

Learning difficulties like dyslexia

The developmental and behavioral assessment process with a pediatrician

There are a number of things the developmental and behavioral pediatrician can do as part of the evaluation. These include:

Make a detailed history of your child

Do a medical exam

Observe and talk to your child

Ask how your child acts in different situations

Ask for information from teachers at the school or daycare your child attends

The doctor may also want your child to be evaluated by other specialists. These could include an occupational therapist, physical therapist, or neuropsychologist.

After reviewing all the information, the specialist can make a diagnosis. However, there may be cases where you avoid doing it right away. The diagnosis may not yet be clear or there may not be an appropriate diagnosis. The doctor may see your child periodically to review his development and progress with you.

What Happens After Diagnosis

The developmental and behavioral pediatrician may continue to treat your child, or may recommend that other professionals continue treatment. Here are other ways your pediatrician may help:

Prescribe and supervise medication if your child has a difficulty such as ADHD or anxiety.

Help you better understand your child’s behavior and suggest disciplinary strategies.

Recommend and adaptations services in school, and therapies outside of school.

Get answers about your child’s difficulties

If you think your child may have a developmental delay, learn about early intervention evaluations. Although it’s best to find out as early as possible, it’s never too late to find out if your child has a learning or attention issue. Talk to your child’s doctor about the different specialists that could help. You can also talk to the school to have your child evaluated.