Devin DiNofa

Philadelphia Native Devin DiNofa is a Top High-Performance Coach on the Rise

When someone knows what they’re meant to do in life, and chase that goal relentlessly, they’ve figured out the key recipe to success. Even in a saturated market, your only competition is yourself. This is true for the high-performance coaching industry as well. While there are numerous performance coaches out there, a few stand out as those who have actually built a successful business and are worth following. One of these outstanding talents is Devin DiNofa. Having started his coaching career relatively early while simultaneously building a real estate business, he’s expanding rapidly and on track to become a big name in the industry. This is why you should keep an eye out for this committed entrepreneur.

DiNofa’s journey to success is a classic underdog story. A Philadelphia native from a working-class family, DiNofa was motivated by a fire inside to get the most out of life. At first, he was faced with numerous challenges that blocked his way. His dreams of playing college football were crushed when he was kicked off his high school football team as a captain. Later in his career, his new dream was to own his very own restaurant. DiNofa even went as far as to become the youngest restaurant manager the company had ever seen. Unfortunately, this dream ended when he was fired.

With no college degree to back him up, and a STRONG faith in God, DiNofa continued to chase his dream vision of life without looking back. He went all in and built a successful real estate business, quickly realizing his passion was in coaching and helping others unlock their potential in life and business. Wanting to take his skills to the ultimate level, he directly messaged influential world-class entrepreneurs and executive coaches on social media to get to know them and earn their trust.  DiNofa’s efforts didn’t stop there, as he would even take trains from Philadelphia to New York City where some of his top idols in the executive coaching scene worked.

It was this tenacity and motivation that earned DiNofa the respect and attention of one of the top executive coaches in the world, David Meltzer. Meltzer is the co-founder of Sports 1 Marketing and served as the CEO of Leigh Steinberg Sports & Entertainment agency, which inspired the movie, Jerry Maguire. Meltzer has written numerous books about high-performance coaching, so the fact that DiNofa connected with him is a massive accomplishment.

Another big name in high-performance coaching that DiNofa was invited to train with was Brendan Burchard. Burchard is known as “the world’s leading high-performance coach,” and has written numerous books about the topic. Through his natural ability and tenacious efforts, DiNofa earned a high-performance coach certification from Burchard’s high performance coaching program to continue leveling up his coaching abilities .

Equipped with these notable accomplishments, DiNofa went from doing individual, one-on-one coaching to building his own coaching community, Harvest Performance Coaching. In just 6  months, Harvest Performance Coaching has become a six-figure company with over 100 members. The community is growing daily through member referrals of people who are seeing personal and professional breakthroughs. Devin’s “combine method” tool he coaches on is the key to revolutionizing their lives. With this strong foundation, it’s clear that DiNofa has established himself as a success in the industry and will continue to rise. Be sure to follow his Instagram @harvest_performance_coaching to see all the transformations and testimonials. 

His success as a high-performance coach and business brand has earned DiNofa numerous awards, including South Jersey Magazine Man of the Year and being named one of their “Leading Men,” a spot on South Jersey Business people 40 Under 40 list, the Burlington County Young Professional Leadership Award,  a candidate for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Man of the Year award, and a front-page feature on South Jersey Real Producers Magazine alongside his wife. These outstanding acknowledgments are just a few of the many ways DiNofa is making his mark on the business world.

If DiNofa could explain simply what he does for his clients and community,  he simply states “I’m the Tim Grover to get the inner Michael Jordan performance out of individuals.” 

His continued journey upward is strengthened even more by his positive attitude and client-facing approach to coaching. DiNofa brings contagious energy to each of his clients, coaching them to achieve their greatest potential. His ambition is not limited to himself and his career path; he’s committed to infusing it into his clients’ lives. This makes him highly sought-after in his industry. His commitment to changing lives results in dozens of success stories, all of which work to strengthen and solidify his future as a high-performance coach.