5 Warning Signs of Diabetes

Diabetes is a common disease which has affected nearly over four million people living in the United Kingdom. Its prevalence is estimated to rise to five million by the year 2025. There are two main types of diabetes, type 1 and type 2. The former is characterized by deficit insulin production while the latter is where the cells are unable to use insulin properly. Genetics, lack of exercise or obesity may play a role in causing type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Therefore it is important to know the symptoms of diabetes. Below are some of the major warnings.

Increased Thirst and Increased Urination

These are classic diabetes symptoms. When one has diabetes, glucose or excess sugar builds up in the blood. For this reason, the kidneys are forced to work extra time to be able to filter and absorb the excess glucose. If they can’t keep up, then that glucose is excreted into the urine, carrying along fluids from the tissues. This trigger more frequent urination which may make one feel dehydrated, hence the urge to drink more water.


Though there are many reasons which can cause fatigue, there is a possible connection between fatigue and diabetes. One can become dehydrated from the increased urination. This then causes the body to function abnormally since it is less able to use sugar for the energy it needs. Hence one can feel tired or weak, an indication that one is fatigued.

Blurry Vision

Other reasons can also cause this. However, when one has diabetes, the high blood sugar levels can cause damage to the small blood vessels over time. This causes damage to the retina which can then lead to blurred vision. Additionally, due to the high blood sugar levels, fluid can shift in and out of the eye and this can cause the lens to swell leading to blurriness.

Red, Swollen or Tender Gums

Diabetes weakens one’s ability to fight germs; this then increases the risk of infection in one’s gums which hold the teeth in place. More so, one can develop pockets or sores in the gums. This then may cause the gums to pull away from the teeth or the teeth may become loose.

Tingling Feet and Hands

The excess sugar in the blood can lead to nerves being damaged. Reduced ability to feel pain, loss of sensation and tingling in the feet or hands is a major symptom in diabetes. Again, there can also be a burning pain in the hands, arms, and the legs which is termed as diabetic neuropathy.


If you experience increased thirst and urination, fatigue, tender gums, blurry vision, tingling feet, and hands; it might be time to talk to your doctor. The earlier a condition is diagnosed, the easier it becomes to treat. Diabetes is a very serious condition. However, with one’s active participation and good support from a healthcare team, one can manage it and still enjoy an amazing healthy active life.