“I am fire that ignites a spark within others, which creates a flame; so that they may shine and pass the torch. I Am a Light-worker.”

~ Dianne Morgan

Dianne Morgan is a published Author, Teacher, Angel Intuitive, and Mystic Intuitive Healer. She is a Wife, Mother of four and Grandmother of seven Grandsons. Dianne is a member of International Association of Angel Practitioners studying under various heart lead teachers. She holds certifications as an Angel Intuitive, Angel Therapy Practitioner and Reiki Practitioner; she is also a Spiritual Minister through Universal Life Ministries.

Dianne is a Co- Creator and with Spiritual guidance, Angel Navigation LLC, was born; along with her healing practice, what she calls ‘Crystal Angelic Intuitive Healing.’ and along with ‘Energy Healing,’ she is a ‘Spiritual Teacher of Angel Navigation Interactive Workshops,’ where she helps others to discover, explore and strengthen their own unique connection to the spiritual realm, using their God given gifts. Dianne is also the author of ‘Go Where They Are’ where she shares her story of Awakening to the awareness of the Spiritual Realm as she began exploring and developing her connection through the writings of the book. Dianne says, Spirit took her back in time to show her examples through-out her life of that connection and she hopes others will reflect back in their lives and recognize their connections and grow spiritually.

When asked what inspires her, she replied; “Love inspires me to help others heal mind, body, and spirit. Creator, God, Great Spirit, Source of All, wants us to be happy and live the life we desire and deserve. It is our Divine birthright to receive heavenly guidance for our life.” Through my writings of “Go Where They Are” I take you on my spiritual journey, to help you better understand yours. I have often said the journey is like a scavenger hunt. My journey led me in many directions, then ultimately to my relationship with the Archangels, my Guardian Angel, and Lord Jesus. It is a teaching book for others to understand, explore and discover their unique connection with Spirit.”

“In workshops, I have the pleasure of helping others discover and explore that connection. We were born connected and to communicate and receive day to day guidance from Creator.” “Energy Healing is alternative medicine and works hand in hand with modern medicine to heal mind, body, and spirit, returning our life to a natural balance. Through these practices, I am in service to others and have found my Divine Life Purpose and Mission.”

“Spirit is always working behind the scenes to align All in Divine Timing for the Highest Good in Love of All. The journey to Christ Consciousness’ has led me here and I am in Awe daily of Creator’s handiwork and blessings. The journey is never ending, we continue to Love, to shine the light of Creator through our hearts. Our walks require impeccable Faith and Trust.”

Ask, Believe, Trust and Receive

We are Spotlighting Dianne Morgan’s beautiful New book “Go Where They Are’ and her many, amazing talents and all of her Spiritual writings:

Dianne Co-Authored in “His Grace is Sufficient”, with WOM, but if you love thrillers, she is half of the Metaphysical Thriller Writing Team of ‘Morgan Shores’ in The Balance: ‘Awakenings’ and The Balance: ‘The Return.’

Dianne Morgan can be found at: www.Amazon.com

Face book: https://www.facebook.com/Dianne.Morgan.Angels/

Face book: http://facebook.com/diannemorganangelnavigation

Website: http://www.DianneMorgan.com/

Twitter: @AngelNavigation

Linkendin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dianne-morgan

Available Now!

“Go Where They Are”

For a Kindle copy go to; https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077CDLFVP/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1510509249&sr=8-4&keywords=Go+Where+They+Are


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