We feel stressed when we resist unwanted situations. We hide and try avoiding things that scare us or make us leave our comfort zones. Whenever we are forced to do what we don’t want, our mind refuses to absorb the information and makes us pretend that we are listening, watching and observing.

This is why most of the people find it difficult to concentrate and stay focused, when they find themselves in a difficult, boring or unwanted situation. They just stay inactive, silent, yawning and looking around aimlessly, sometimes at their wrist watch to see how much time is left to leave.

Taste development

Brain scientist Lara Boyd once said that human brain changes its shapes each time we learn something and learning ability is different, in fact unique, in every human being. This is why some of you might  be good at solving mathematical problem but some are good at sports. This unique ability can not be obtained with a medicine, practice or enforcing or guidance and coaching. Because humans are programmed to learn humanly traits of well being, wisdom and creativity.

There is no way you can change your learning tendencies, so does your child. You must understand and find out what you are good at learning, that mainly depends on genetics but not 100%. After you find out, help your child to learn what he is good at and never try to force him to learn inhuman ways of prosperity and success. Instead, try to develop your child’s taste in reading, arts, creativity, wisdom and welfare of his people. Just the way you genuinely developed his taste for solid food and nourishing diet, selecting his wardrobe and amazing restaurants and lots of wonderful other things like that, develop his taste for building great relationships.

Good Stress

One of another interesting thought patterns that make your life much easier and happier is to understand that ‘Stress is bad for you, but only if you believe it is’. A health psychologist wrote a book on this topic in which she describes how our thoughts patterns directly effect our body. She once gave it a test with a friend’s 12 year son who became a victim of bullies at school. She asked him  to sway and spin around fast, climb up and down the stairs. Then she asked him about his feelings and he said it feels funny. My heart is pounding and I feel all thrilled and excited and dizzy. She said to him ‘well you feel happy and you think its funny doing that. But what if it happens in the school when some bullies run after you? teasing and taunting?. The feeling is entirely the opposite of that. It all depends the way we think and believe. If we know our purpose and follow a greater cause for wellbeing of our family, friends and people. All our worries and stress transforms into energy, enthusiasm and good kind of stress.

The placebo effect

These are all our thought patterns. The way we take things is the main reason of stress. Brain scientists say, that there are 70,000 thoughts everyday in our  mind and only 5% of them are new. Think of Common placebos, that are inert tablets (like sugar pills), that work incredibly good for patients instead of a prescribed medicine and they actually remove their disease too. Just because they believe it works. That’s only their positive thought that makes their disease go away with a placebo. But sometimes a disease wont go away with a real medicine and treatment. This is just because of the negative thoughts.

Think of this power of our thoughts over us. Think of those 70,000 thoughts, 95% of them keep repeating themselves and how many of them are negative that tell you over and over again that that’s good for them but not for me? They can do that but I am not capable or free enough to do that. Our thoughts make us judge things and people in split second. When we watch, listen or even read, these thoughts make our decisions and results.

Have you ever realized what you are thinking about right now? Do you check your thoughts ? Are they negative or positive? We usually take our pessimistic approach as realistic or straight forward and we believe they are good and positive thoughts, but that’s absolutely wrong.

Its all about the ‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’ use of Words

Everyone has experienced something really bad in life. There are times that make you feel scarred, helpless and really angry and if you keep your focus entirely on your fears and despair you can never get out of that situation. Nelson Mandela was asked how he survived in jail for 27 years and his answer was’ I didn’t survive, I prepared’. We only need to get hold on our negative thoughts of fear despair and anger and change our focus towards positive thoughts that give us energy to fight back and succeed. They words you focus upon really matter. If we focus on the word survive you wont survive actually for 27 years. But  if you focus on the word prepare that makes you calm and content.

Replace old thoughts with new thoughts

Another good way to take hold of the situation that makes your nerves tense your heart pounding, and you are about to lose control, is to change your physiology at that moment. Breath deeper, move your arms or sit up and try to divert your thoughts by switching on TV or radio or music and stop those negative thoughts to invade your mind and control you. You are in control of yourself nothing else.

You need to focus on good thoughts and for that you need to understand new ways to build your ability. Focus on what you can learn and reach out for those who learned and specialized those abilities. Learn from them and stop letting 95% of your thoughts coming back to you, replace them with new ones. When was the last time, when you did something for the first time?