Italian food is a combination of taste and magic. For a food lover it is a compulsory food in his food menu. Italian people have gave such delicious yet different sort of food categories which defiantly is everyone favourite. But people around the world eats in a bulk of them food. Meat balls, pizzas or pastas we want in bulk. Which definitely effect on our diet. While the Italian themselves are extremely diet conscious. That’s why the problem is not with the food the problem is with the quantity. We have some extremely good dishes for you which nutritionist themselves have recommended that would not effect your diet.

Minestrone soup:

Minestrone soup is a delicious Italian dish. This is a Italian cholesterol free dish. That you can easily chose if you are on a diet plan. The soup is broth based and is filled with veggies. Moreover, it is low in calories but packed with proteins and fibres.


A good bowl of salad is all you need as a starter. Salad bowl will help you not eat much of the main entrée which is definitely high in cholesterol. Salads are delicious and healthy choice. Salads help you keep a low cholesterol diet. Also salads have veggies which are high in proteins, fibres and other beneficial compounds. You can chose house salad. Caesar salad is also a good choice but it is heavier than house salad because of egg and olive oil dressing. Before ordering a salad always ask for the dressings to kept aside so you can control the amount of dressings you want.


Bruschetta is a delicious yet healthy dish. It is an easy choice for adults or children If you want a Italian cholesterol free dish. It is one of the best appetizers you can have. The dish have olives, tomatoes, veggies and olive oil. In Bruschetta you have to control the dressing and toppings. Heavy dressings and toppings might increase the cholesterol level.


When we talk about Italian food. Pasta is the one dish come in our mind first. Italian food is incomplete without pasta. But can you eat a pasta if you are on a cholesterol diet?  Well, the good news is yes. A red paste pasta is a dish you need to eat if you are on a cholesterol diet. White sauce pasta is a complete no. If you want a pasta with sauce go for a red sauce then. As white sauce is high in calories. Go for a red sauce pasta If you want to kick off extra calories and fats.


Now, it is the time for you to know about a delicious yet healthy desert. Deserts are always heavy full or creams and calories and fats. Then what to chose? Sorbet is a frozen desert which is a completely yes desert for groups of all ages. It is an Italian frozen fruit based desert. Which is relatively very low in calories as compared to that of ice cream.

There are more dishes like them which can be a good choice to eat If you are on diet and are complete yes for all groups of ages.