Garbage disposal systems have made the life of a man easy. Gone are the days where a person would look for a dustbin to throw all the garbage. The garbage disposal systems so introduced are easy to install and the same surely serve as an efficient treatment of throwing the garbage.

Garbage disposal systems aren’t limited to a particular type. In fact, there are a number of garbage disposal systems available in the market today. These machines are easy to install, easier to use and lastly, easiest to clean.

Following are the most common types of garbage disposals that are seen installed into a majority of kitchens:

· In-sink garbage disposal:

This kind of garbage disposal system is the most common systems and they work on a very similar principle. They entertain a flat plate along with a rotating steel masher. There is an inner disposal wall which comprises of teeth performing the grinding. There is a motor inside that rotates the flat plate in the area of food grinding. Thus, when you switch on the unit, the masher outside the spinning plate and work accordingly.

· Continuous feed garbage disposal:

Another kind of garbage disposal system is the continuous feed garbage disposal which is considered to be one of the most common kinds of disposal units. On placing the food in the disposal and switching in on the mashers push the food against the teeth of the inner wall and further shred the same. This food then flow via small holes in between the spinning plate as well as inside walls and is further diverted towards the drain pipe.

· Batch feed garbage disposals:

Another kind of garbage disposal systems that are gaining a lot of popularity in the recent times are the batch feed garbage disposals. These garbage disposal systems are believed to work like the continuous feed disposals with just a little difference of turning them on. In order to turn the garbage disposals on you are only required to place the exclusive stopper into the disposal opening and later turning it on. The stopper resting therein activates a switch which eventually turns the disposal on.

· Dishwasher garbage disposals:

As the name suggests, these garbage disposals are separate unites that are meant to grind up the food particles in the dishwasher. The mechanism could be found in the inside of the dishwasher unit. You can also connect the dishwasher to the sink garbage disposal and can further make it function. The only setback here is that your unit could jam if something tough or solid gets tangled in between the inside wall and the spinning plate. In order to get this garbage disposal cleaned, you must call the service professional.

These garbage disposals have surely made your life easy. They are designed under a number of brands and hence you can pick the best garbage disposal for your kitchen. Want to treat the garbage of your home at the best? Choose from among these garbage disposals.