Mohit Patel

As founder and owner of MP Media, Mohit specializes in developing marketing plans and strategies to expand business on social media. He has expertise in Facebook Ads, Google Adsense, Instagram Marketing and YouTube channel management. His agency is known for providing tailor-made solutions suitable as per the client’s requirement, and that too at a very competitive cost.

In fact, his efficient solutions have brought him renowned artists, models and sports personalities as clients. He develops social media campaigns so impressively that results are faster and real than any of his competitors. He believes in developing long term professional relationships with his clients.

In the time of global pandemic COVID-19 the focus has entirely shifted to online platforms. Every business is shifting or molding it’s strategies around its online presence. Mohit believes that “ the global economy is going through extremely critical time and transformation. Now is the time where our work has become more responsible. As almost every business is going through a very difficult time as digital marketers it is our duty to help them expand here on social media platforms effectively, so that they can sail through this difficult time.”

Mohit says “ Social Media has become extremely competitive and technology driven. It is not easy to understand it’s algorithms. We have a team of technical experts who keep a close eye on it and accordingly develop solutions. “ He further adds “ My team, including me keep ourselves updated with all latest trends and developments, we keep ourselves well versed with every new tool that is introduced and how effectively we can use it to provide best results for our clients.”

Mohit Patel has great plans to excel as an entrepreneur, he has recently launched his News Portal as well with the name Popular Story with an aim to provide unbiased relevant information that should reach to readers without any filtration.

He has a vision for his business that is not only to take MP Media Promotion to new heights but to ensure that each and every client who approaches him, must be able to attain maximum benefits, and succeed with solutions provided.