However being a working Mom is easier said than done. Its one thing to work 10 hours a day with only your spouse waiting for you back home and totally another with a small cute little bundle of joy awaiting your arrival after a long work day . Leaving your child every day to come to work is a daunting feeling I am sure many working mom’s agree. The moment you step out of the office your thoughts are dominated by what your child is doing at home , are they doing okay ? have they eaten? have they slept ? Hope he’s not crying just to state a few thoughts . Not to mention completing your household chores after coming back from office in addition to looking after your child who refuses to let you do anything except give him attention .

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While juggling the numerous work responsibilities half your mind is permanently at home hoping everything is fine .You reach home after a long and tiring day of work to see the beautiful puppy eyes of your baby who excitedly crawls towards you. Your heart melts like butter and you forget the work day’s struggles and happenings . Your focus shifts to the baby and the numerous questions that follow – did he eat , did he sleep , was he crying ??

The main Dilemma of a working mom is – To Work or NOT to work ? Should you take a break for a few years to ensure your child is under your supervision and comfortable or should you continue your career journey thinking the child will be fine and that’s what everyone is doing today ??

Let me play the devil’s advocate here and give you this food for thought – You are the best caretaker of your child . Absolutely no one can take care of your child like you can .Your child can also never find your replacement in your in laws or any other caretaker , but the eternal question remains – Would you stop yourself from achieving your dreams for your child or will you continue in your path of professional growth ?

I have 2 questions for you before you take that call – Do you have family help at home? As in are your inlaws staying with you and willing to help with child care ? Is your spouse supportive in terms of helping out with housework and child care you responsibilities ?? In case you answered yes to even one of the above questions you can continue your journey without worry 🙂 If you answered no to 1 or both of the questions above its time you sat down with your spouse and chart out a viable plan which works for you and your child. We women need to understand that raising a child is not just the women’s job everyone in the family needs to contribute in some way or the other to make this happen .

Work out the option of asking your inlaws/ parents to help in supervision of house help for the child. Your work doesn’t stop there divide your household responsibilities with your spouse and create a schedule for the same .

The biggest mistake that we women do when it comes to sharing child care and household responsibilities is that we micromanage and have trust issues. We feel our spouses are not good enough to do the job.

. Learn to ignore and don’t sweat the small stuff. If he wants to change the diaper let him if he wants to cook dinner let him . No one is perfect and we all have learnt by practicing. Slowing and steadily as you let your spouse shoulder your responsibilities he will also feel comfortable doing it on a daily basis .

Closing Word 

I know we women are Wonder Women in true sense of the word . I have personally had 10 hour work days after spending sleepiness nights with my child and I have still come home to unfinished house work because the maid decided to go on unplanned leaves. Even though I managed that and still came out shining it would have been wise for me to ask for Help! So for you working mom’s out there you guys are doing an amazing job ,do not doubt yourself and your priorities !! Go out there and conquer the world but don’t hesitate in asking for help from your family and spouse when you need it 🙂