After a long day at work, you’re tired but you still have errands to run, dinner to prepare and social engagements to attend. Millions of people are so consumed with making a living for themselves and their daily to-do’s, that they often struggle to find the time and energy to get everything done and remain “happy” while doing so. With the recent rise in delivery applications that essentially deliver anything and everything the consumer can dream of, people are finding more time in their day, and an excuse to never leave the house again. With the recent expansion in delivery apps, you can get your life delivered back to you.  

Perennial time scarcity problem

Time is a very limited resource in society today, according to data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, work and sleep take up roughly two-thirds of an individual’s entire day. The majority of the rest of this time is consumed by survival activities such as eating, drinking and bathing. An Article published by Business Insider then poses the question: How do we spend our precious remaining free time? A very small window to walk the dog, pick up parcels, mow the lawn, etc. According to NYU psychologist, Adam Alter, “This sliver of free time is also where humanity lives and right now it’s a concerningly small box.” Human beings are facing a time scarcity problem, and this is where delivery apps can come in and deliver humanity back.

Expansion of the delivery industry

The term ‘delivery’ used to be restricted to the Saturday night delivery of pizza to your doorstep. However, in recent years, due to a surge in technological innovation, delivery has gone above and beyond for the consumer, as order and delivery options have become endless. Postmates, an innovative delivery service, delivers almost anything to the consumer except for controlled substances, live animals, and gift cards. In 2018 alone, there were some quite shocking orders including a celebrity spotlight series. Rapper Post Malone placed an order for a full mariachi band who played his new hit single at the time “congratulations” at a music festival he attended. Similarly, Kylie Jenner, a loyal postmates user, spent $10,000 on the app this past year with orders that consisted of a 1942 bottle of Don Julio Añejo tequila, and a single carrot. Moreover, a customer on the east coast of the United States trusted postmates to deliver an engagement ring to propose that same night. Postmates also delivered a dress worth over $3000 to a customer that was eating in a restaurant because she had stained the one she was originally wearing. As you can see, delivery has taken new heights and now it is possible for time to never be wasted.

Other examples include Udely, which works directly with small businesses and entrepreneurs to promote their items by delivering them straight to consumers. Udely wants to empower those with innovative ideas to share them with people all over the map. Similarly, the company Fetch Delivery targets customers that want unmatchable convenience, as it delivers items from multiple businesses in one single order. The items are set up within categories and range from your favorite burger to your very own personal assistant.

Laziness of GenZ is fueling the expansion of delivery

Generation Z, otherwise known as generation Lay Z, are unaware of how the world used to operate due to their technological upbringing. This age of extreme convenience has contributed to their overall laziness, as everything is essentially at their fingertips. As a result, GenZ has fueled the expansion and development of delivery applications and are a significant target market for these apps.

The expansion of the delivery industry could potentially give us our precious time back. When everything is digitalized, peer-to-peer platforms are able to connect anyone with the whole world, it will open up endless possibilities. This change allows people to have more freedom and promote community involvement. People are starting to use their phones to  “order” a dog walker instead of taking their own dogs for walks. Same goes for cleaning, laundry, and even home and landscaping services. A mother or father now has time to work a full time job and take the kids to Disneyland on the weekend without having to stay home and finish household duties or run errands. We as humans need our free time to remain sane, maintain relationships and enjoy life.

The future is bright for delivery, especially as it intersects with what mobile technology has to offer. Soon enough, people can spend more time with their loved ones, have more freedom, spend less time performing trivial tasks that just don’t suit their schedules.

About:Led by Andre Bruckmann and a dedicated team of software developers and designers, Mycro was founded in February 2018 with the mission to protect people’s time and money. Their goal is to unleash the power of local communities by connecting job posters and the unemployed population with easy employment opportunities.