dr dipak nandi

In the present crisis situation, where the teleHealth platform has mitigated the risk by minimizing the number of face to face interactions, it is no secret that the telemedicine platform has played a vital role in changing the entire perspective and workflow of the health care industry.  Moreover today the health care industry also agrees with the fact that telehealth is here to stay.

In fact with the imbalance and shortage of healthcare professionals, inequality of health care quality and inconvenience due to geographical boundaries, the platform is further been appreciated.

According to a recent report, there has been an increase in the teleHealth claims line as well rising from 0.17 percent of medical claim lines in August 2019 to 6.07 percent in August 2020.

Further with Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) changes which was initiated like waving out the video requirement for certain telephone evaluation and management services and opportunity for Medicare beneficiaries to use an audio-only telephone to get telehealth and telemedicine services etc further encouraged the use of the platform.

In fact, it is seen that the private insurance companies were too waving out the proof-of-delivery requirements and even said to have extended certain prior-authorizations regulation as well which further has changed the entire TeleHeath platform.

Improving the standards of the healthcare quality, TeleHealth further ensures better coordination and efficient home care which is why the telehealth platform today is a much better option.

In fact, Dipak Nandi, M. D, observed the telemedicine platform as is an ideal 21st century approach of the health care industry, when he was treating patients during this crisis time & providing them with the mental health treatment and providing the needed care they were looking for.