Hello lovely,

How are you today, what have you done to show support, love and care to YOU?

  • Have you NOURISHED your body?
  • Have you had enough WATER?
  • Have you taken time to PAUSE, to step outside, and to BREATHE?
  • And what about later in the day, have you put aside sacrosanct time to REST and RE-BALANCE?

Or have you spent your day spinning, seemingly out of control on the hamster wheel of your life, rushing to keep up with all you ‘think’ you need to do, to be, and dreaming (a dream that has become your waking nightmare), about the first glass of wine, this evening, the one you will gulp down, the one you feel with the dull of ache of an unknown exhaustion, will help you calm down and rest?

You know you need to practice self-care, it makes sense that the more you care for you, the less you drink, so you book the massage, the spa day, take the occasional walk in nature, do the yoga, half kill yourself at the gym (or maybe that was just me……), and still you drink…why?

It’s easy my love, you drink in a way that causes you Pain, with the intention of easing ‘Pain’……crazy though that sounds it is your truth.

And the pains you are trying to ease aren’t necessarily the obvious ones of past traumas, grief, neglects etc. They can be to resolve the ‘smaller’, in the moment pains of Tiredness, lack of good Nutrition, Overwhelm, Overwork etc,…..do you recognise that?

In the high speed, ‘must have’ world,  you live in, where acquisition has become a prime motivator in life, you can push yourself like the unyielding machine you are not, even when your body is telling you to stop…..Do you recognise you here?

And then when it all becomes too much, when you can’t move, physically or emotionally, another inch, you book the massages, the ‘things’ to do that will make you feel better for a few hours, maybe even a few days, and then you ‘relapse’ back in you no self-care, no self-love….and back into the wine bottle……

Here’s the truth about the true Self-Care that never fails you…..and it might come as a surprise.

Self-care is not a once in a while treat.  It doesn’t have to be big, or cost you in time or money.

Self-Care is the small things you do, consistently, each day, that create the foundation of resilience, peace and balance, the springboards from which you live a gentler to you life.

No massage therapist, Reiki healer, crystal or aromatherapy oil, can take your foot of the accelerator of your life and place it gently on the brake….only YOU can. Only YOU can notice how you feel, what you need, and deliver it, only YOU….

It is noticing who you are and what you need, daily, instead of just in the moment, to run you smoothly, and with love, that is true Self-Care, and when you take responsibility to practice is it daily, your life and drinking will transform.  I promise you x

To help you step back into the peace of life you deserve, and out of your drinking, here’s my Top (loving) Self-Care Tip



  • Write a list of your daily ‘To Do’s’ and then cut out everything that you don’t need To Do, or can delegate
  • Batch together any chores that have a natural flow from one to another
  • Put in small NON-NEGOTIABLE times for you to know and trust that you will;
  • Eat
  • Drink Water
  • Stand Outside and BREATHE
  • Rest

And then put your new list on the fridge/lap top/anywhere you and your loves and can see it, this will let them get to know your inner you by seeing your need to stop, rest, etc, and use this to chart your day….and apart from unexpected emergencies, DO NOT ADD TO IT!

With the simple actions of ‘Keeping Life Stupid Simple’, you will let go of so much unnecessary stressful ‘stuff’ and take back control of your life.

You will bring back Balance, and when you are in Balance, just through these small actions of Self-Care, your desire to drink will simply drift away.

Be kind and gentle with yourself.