There are many books or manuals that cover a current problem such as stress, this time we offer you a list of 9 innovative ways to combat work stress. In the current era, one of the main threats faced by workers is stress, a condition that, if not controlled, can cause various health problems. Put these innovative ways to combat work stress into practice

1- Use the power of the mind

The mind has a lot of power, so much so that it can take us from a well to the top. In order for you to spend much of your time in this latter state, you must find a quiet space where you can work calmly. Also, try to lift your mood by repeating some phrases that make you feel positive.

2- Practice some sport

Physical activity causes important benefits in our organism, among them: endorphins are released, the bloodstream is enriched with oxygen, the heart receives training and the stress hormones are reduced; In addition, playing sports can be a great source of entertainment.

3- Abandon your shoes

Taking off your shoes is a good idea and being in direct contact with the floor can be a good alternative to relax in the office. Some Eastern philosophies consider that foot manipulation can affect both the mind and the body. So whenever possible, take the opportunity to take off your shoes.

4- Breathing deeply

There are situations that fill us with pressure or make us feel trapped when you have to live a moment of these do not forget to breathe deeply. If you repeat this action several times, you will probably start to feel calm.

5- Buy a massager

Nothing is like a good massage to reduce stress. But the reality is that the office is not the best environment to take one, so a good option may be to invest in a back or head massager, which allows you to feel relaxed in times of more stress.

6. Laugh

The laughter is the best medicine to combat stress. Several studies show that laughter increases oxygen consumption, releases endorphins, as well as stimulates the muscles, lungs, heart, and circulation. So during the workday, spend a few minutes reading a humor column or listening to a joke that makes you laugh.

7- Cry

In society, there is a false idea that crying is a symbol of weakness or instability, but the reality is that a good cry can be refreshing. Tears are capable of eliminating toxins, reducing anxiety, and even killing bacteria.

8- Screaming

We came to the world screaming, so it is not uncommon that in a situation of stress or anxiety we have the need to scream as a way to release these negative emotions.

9- Have a good relationship with your boss

This does not mean that they should be friends, but it is important that they maintain a cordial relationship. It can alleviate the tensions or pressures of the workday. In addition, if you keep a good deal you will have more possibilities to express what worries or bothers your superior.