A service provided by professionals who also intervene for repairs. Failure of your boiler or stove is not something you can predict. The situation is different with the maintenance, which is a legal obligation. Whether it is one or the other case, you can count on stove repair for Toronto homeowners to carry out meticulous work.

Maintaining your wood or pellet stove, an obligation

You probably know that the annual maintenance of your boiler is a legal obligation. But did you know that the same goes for the maintenance of your pellet or wood stove? It mainly consists of sweeping the chimney or the smoke evacuation duct.

When and why to sweep?

In France, the chimney sweeping of a wood or pellet installation must be carried out twice a year in order to avoid the risk of fire and CO poisoning. Your appliance will thus have a better draft and will pollute less. To comply with the law and keep your installation in pristine condition, the best choice is to call on Total Energies subsidiaries. Our experts work on most heating devices and their main priorities are:

  • Customer satisfaction;
  • The professionalism of employees;
  • Respect for quality, safety and the environment.


If the pellet stove is easily controlled thanks to its control panel, it nevertheless requires a little routine maintenance: cleaning the glass, the ashes to empty and the dust to be sucked up are essential rituals to keep it clean and safe. Good condition.


Annual maintenance is essential to avoid clogging, it is necessary to clean all parts of the pellet stove and the duct, and to check the settings. The hopper must be cleaned with care, as the operation of the worm screw can be affected by pellet dust. This annual maintenance is all the more important as the stove is liable to deteriorate over time. An adjustment carried out each year by a competent installer allows good performance to be maintained.


As with all wood-burning appliances, whether it is a fireplace, an insert or a log stove, it is necessary to carry out two sweeps per year, one outside the period of heater (preferably before start-up) and another during. His regulatory obligation has good reasons to exist. Admittedly, the risk of clogging is much more limited than with fireplaces and log devices, but it is there. You are never safe from a blocked or partially blocked smoke evacuation duct. A bird only needs to have made its nest for a duct to no longer evacuate smoke properly. Pellet stoves are designed to heat quickly and efficiently using renewable energy, wood pellets These are small cylindrical sticks resulting from the compaction of sawmill residues, such as sawdust and shavings, without glue or additives.