The power of gratitude is inherently related to happiness. Being able to practice gratitude every day will bring more well-being and fulfillment, in addition to helping to transform the way you see and live life.

The main benefits of practicing gratitude

Feeling grateful is a daily exercise that needs to be worked on constantly. Gratitude is not just a beautiful and motivational word, it carries a force and can really be responsible for incredible changes. Check out the main benefits!

Focus on what’s really important

Gratitude helps to create a kind of mental and emotional filter that leads us to value the details of everyday life. By being more present and aware of everything around you, it is possible to discern what deserves our attention, time and effort. Feeling grateful for each moment helps to focus on what is really important, decreasing the flow of unnecessarily negative thoughts and emotions.

Recognition of daily blessings

We are constantly concerned with superfluous things that wear us out more than we are able to realize. Whether with deadlines to meet in your job of commercial snow removal or at work, hours spent in traffic, meaningless discussions with people we love, we are always irritated by things that demand energy that could be spent on something that does us good.

Gratitude helps to recognize the details that grace our days, those moments that show us how blessed we are and how we should be thankful for everything we have. Be it a job, the possibility of getting around, the presence of the people we love in our lives. Everything is a reason to be thankful and, realizing this, life is much lighter.

Development of optimism

In the midst of chaos, it is easy to get attached to what is negative instead of trying to be optimistic about life. By practicing gratitude as a daily and constant exercise, it is possible to change the way we see the world and live life. Being grateful for the details helps to transform the functioning of the mind so that it starts to stimulate more positive behaviors and instincts. By seeing the glass as half full, we learn to view even the most difficult situations with optimism, finding a learning opportunity in every obstacle in life.

How to practice gratitude on a daily basis

Now that we know a little more about the benefits of gratitude, let’s learn how to practice it daily in search of well-being and quality of life!

Seek self-knowledge

Seeking to know you is an exercise that requires willpower, an open chest and a willingness to learn, even if it causes discomfort at first. When looking at you and trying to get to know you honestly and kindly, it is easy to recognize patterns of behavior and better understand how your thought flow works. In this way it is possible to identify what is possible to change, what needs to be worked on and where gratitude can and should act more intensely.


The meditation is a habit that can enhance self – awareness and helps to calm the mind, improve breathing, to bring attention to the present moment and better distribute the energy throughout the body.

Try to dedicate at least 20 minutes a day to meditate, sitting comfortably, with your spine erect and your hands resting on your knees. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing, breathing in and out slowly, taking time for this natural movement. After calming your breath, watch the flow of thoughts, without giving up any topics, just watching how thoughts come and go.

Chant mantras

Chanting mantras may seem harmless, but they are intense prayers with unbelievable powers. In many cultures, mantras are chanted before performing the simplest tasks such as eating, bathing and even stepping on the floor. This is because they seek to connect body, mind and spirit at the same time that they ask and give thanks.

Mantras are ways of vocalizing feelings, while several of them contain phrases and words of gratitude, which helps to bring this practice into everyday life in an even more natural and beautiful way. Knowing the power of gratitude, you can find that your practice is extremely beneficial, because it helps to calm the mind, transforms the way we live life, and brings several physical benefits.