We forget to connect with gratitude. And I do not mean just saying “thank you.” But also, to feel what we say.

Since we were little, we have been educated that we should say the “3 magic words”: thank you; please; no problem. It is so ingrained in us that – sometimes – we just say it automatically.

Start connecting with your gratitude. We all have something to be thankful for. And you will make a change in your life.

Gratitude and its transformative power

 The feeling of gratitude arises when we become aware of all the things we already have.

When you appreciate all the good things about dishwasher repair Vancouver that are already a part of your life, you discover that there are many reasons to be grateful.

You also understand that everything is perfect; just as things happened (or did not happen).

Each experience brings us learning. And it is up to us to discover the lesson behind it.

I know it is hard to stay positive when you feel like everything is going wrong. But if you stop for a moment, you connect with yourself and ask yourself: what do I have to learn from this experience? You will realize that it brought you something good for which to feel gratitude.

Remember that we are talking about feeling it in the heart, connecting with gratitude, and feeling it in the body. It is not enough to thank “from the mouth out”.

Although this celebration has a religious origin, we can abstract from it and appreciate what its true objective is.

Regardless of what we believe, it seems to me that this holiday seeks to celebrate the life you have and for which to feel grateful.

One day a year you are “obliged” to stop, share with your family, enjoy a delicious dinner, and become aware of all the good things that you already have in your life.

Can you imagine what your life would be like if you gave thanks every day? Your life would change completely.

Law of attraction

To manifest what you want, you must be grateful as if you already had it in your life.

If you connect with the feeling of gratitude you will be able to vibrate higher, which is an accelerator in the art of manifestation.

In this way, you also attract more good things to your life.

Albert Einstein proved that the Universe is energy. And human beings are also energy vibrating at different frequencies.

Your feelings, thoughts, and beliefs influence your vibration and the frequency of your energy.

When you feel gratitude, you make your emotions and thoughts positive.

You will even be attracting situations for which you will feel more grateful.

In this way, you will be able to attract circumstances and people who will help you manifest what you want.

Benefits of appreciation

1. Raise your energy vibration.

 When you are grateful from the heart and feel it in your body, you begin to vibrate higher.

If you vibrate higher, then it will be easier to attract what you want. And at the same time, you will feel happier.

If you are grateful for all the good you already have, you will receive more of the same. 

2. Change your perspective on life.

 Your brain focuses on the good things in life. And with it, your thoughts become positive.

You stop focusing on what you do not have or what you lack. Those thoughts of lack diminish.

You also live in the present, since to be grateful for everything you already have, you must pay attention to the here and now.

It is also an excellent way to connect with the prosperity and abundance that you already have in your life.

In this way, the perspective you have on your life will change. And you will realize that not everything is as bad as you think.