How is it that it takes a biological epidemic to discover some of the most breathtaking expanses in the world?  What is it about the disconnected reality we’re now living that makes us seem even more connected?  These are two of the many questions I’ve asked myself recently as COVID-19 has taken hold of our world.  
I’ll share how amazed I am at ALL that we have at our fingertips via technology as ways to fully discover the wonders of our world, albeit virtually.  I’ll share exactly how you and your family can take advantage of the same breathtaking views, spaces, and places across the globe without having to leave your home or couch!  Might be just what the Doctor ordered to keep the sanity intact.  
While the connectivity and access has been available to us for some time, it’s not until now, as we’re crammed in together – yet separate – do we have the time and interest to discover more, learn more, and put creativity and imagination to work!  
Here are two small ways to do this:  

  1. Logon to the link here and discover virtual tours of wonderful places around the world.  I took a tour to Hawaii and learned several new things along with admiring the gorgeous coastlines and tropical vibes.  (Living in Canada, I was especially calmed by this peaceful ‘journey’ where I could almost feel the warmth, smell the flowers, and sense the sun on my skin).  If I let imagination run wild, I’d recommend doing this in a quiet space in the house, put on some Hawaiian island music and crank up your furnace for an hour.  
  2. If travel isn’t your thing, why not try art via the museum experience?  Click here and escape into the worlds of artists like Monet, VanGogh and many more.  Give each family member a piece of paper to ‘vote’ on their favourite pieces (top 3) and then spend time explaining why?  How did that piece of art make them feel?  What was it about it that they liked? etc… This will surely be a fun way to get conversation flowing and no doubt learn something new about your crew.  

Enjoy these small but mighty hints and tips as you journey through the wonderful World of wonder! 


  • Jody Swain

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    Jody Swain, Hire and Fire your Kids
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