The real reason why people don’t achieve their goals is that they either don’t have an ACTION plan or they truly don’t believe it’s possible for them. What most people know very little about is the embodiment it takes to actually reach our goals. So I’m going to share my 5-step process that I not only use on my clients but that I practice on myself.


Conquering our mindset so that we can achieve our goals is imperative. We can get into all the fancy list-making timelines, but you’re having resistance because of a story you’ve been telling yourself it’s not likely you will achieve your goal. Instead, practice examining what are the stories you’re telling yourself then look for social proof that it’s possible. For example, if your goal is to lose weight, look for proof even within yourself that it’s possible. You can follow up by saying things like remember that time you lost 10 pounds? If I did it then, then I can do it now. If you can’t find social proof within yourself look to your peers and others that have done it. 


Creating a realistic timeline of when & how you will execute your goals is a non-negotiable step. Most people are really good at writing down what they want but they fail to create is the roadmap of how to get there. Start thinking about, what are the actionable steps you need to be doing every day to bring you closer to your desired goal? Then plan out how many times a week, month or year will you be doing this? It’s important you get real specific here. For example, if you want to have abs for the summer? How many times do you need to go to the gym in one week? What kind of diet should you be on to achieve these goals? Get specific.


This is the make it or break it step because it’s in the unknown space that the magic happens. I’ve met so many people who do not reach their goals because they give up too soon. Instead practice “being in the work” and detach from the outcome. Get comfortable being uncomfortable! You will most likely see NO results here; it’s okay to keep going. You will most likely question why did I even start this? It’s okay keep going. You will most likely start questioning if you actually even really want this? It’s okay keep going. The key is not giving up when things get hard. The people I see CRUSH their goals are the people that have the will to keep going even when they don’t see results happening. 


The fastest way to execute your goals is by simply believing there’s a spot for you. You can be doing all the things correctly but you don’t feel worthy of it, you will most likely not get there or self-sabotage if you do. Our inner landscape is a mirror of what we see in the physical realm and this is ultimately the real reason why you aren’t reaching you’re your goals. Instead, start training and rewiring the mind through mantras or daily affirmations. Repeating positive affirmations like “I am worthy of everything I desire” will start igniting the embodiment phase.   


In order to effectively execute our goals, you need to be visualizing the outcome at all times. That’s why it’s so important to be around people who nurture our biggest dreams. This is an everyday step we should be doing from morning to night. Take 5 to 10 minutes every day and see yourself having the very thing you want. Use all 5 senses to dig deeper into what it would actually feel like. This is where the most important step comes into play. Are you embodying the very thing you want or are you crossing your fingers hoping it will happen? You have to walk around skin and bones without a shadow of doubt knowing that you will get to that goal sooner or later. The only difference between the people who achieve their goals and the people who don’t are those who embody their goals with unshakable faith.


  • Melissa Ruiz

    Registered Yoga Teacher, Mindset Expert, and Online Soulprener Business Coach

    Melissa is a Registered Yoga Teacher, Mindset Expert, and Online Soulprener Business Coach. After working as a TV producer for 13 years, she left everything behind to pursue her passion and purpose. Melissa quit her 6 figure job, got a divorce and now helps other women move past their own fears so they too can build the life & spiritual businesses they desire.