Discover Your Own Value

Things that come naturally to us are big clues to the work we are meant to do.

If you are on a quest for financial freedom, or if you are searching for your dream job, this is a great place to start.

We often undervalue the things that bring us joy and satisfaction simply because it doesn’t seem like work to us. These are our gifts. There are others in the world who aren’t able to do the things that come so naturally to us. Being in a career or job that allows us to use those gifts is the ideal work situation. This is what I would call a dream job.

Money breakthrough often comes when we learn to value the things that bring us joy and satisfaction…

…even when they don’t seem like work. Getting paid to do you (doing the things you love to do) is the best arrangement for you, and for your clients. Because when you are doing what you love, you do it well. That’s what your clients are willing to pay for.

Valuing ourselves and our unique life purpose is what we are all here for. We should be compensated for that!

If you are in a career or business where you are able to do the things you love, you may have difficulty charging the price you deserve.

My best advice on how to overcome this challenge is to make a list of how you solve your clients’ problems.

What outcomes or results do you deliver to make their lives easier?

How do these outcomes enhance their lives, beyond just making things easier for them?

Making a list of answers for the above two questions will help you to:

• Gain clarity about the value you offer your clients.

• Develop a deeper appreciation for the value of your work.

• Speak more effectively to current and prospective clients about the value of what you offer.

• Feel less reserved about charging what you are worth.

Doing your life purpose as a job or career path is the ultimate goal!

The goal is to feel joyful and fulfilled when you are “working.”

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