We hear people talk about how a person has that ‘X-Factor’. A special something. that is unquantifiable. It is perhaps related to why Amitabh Bachchan is still the biggest Bollywood star ever in the history of entertainment industry, Nawazuddin Siddiqui the most versatile actor and Ranbir Kapoor being India’s No. 1 heart-throb for almost a decade now! All of these personalities have a set of unique qualities that differentiate them from others, which makes them to be perceived as charismatic, influential and likeable.

However, I believe this ‘X-Factor’ is more definable than people think it is. Everyone has an X-Factor, a superpower that makes every individual unique. It can be your calmness that makes the environment around you positive and people around you feel protected, or it can be your telepathic ability to read minds and emotions and sense people’s thoughts. But unfortunately, most of us, just for various reasons, ignore to discover our superpower and fail to connect with it… Today, trigger your curiosity and find out what makes you YOU?

It begins with finding your passionate abilities. As much as this sounds vague, it is equally important to note that a passionate ability is extremely specific. It begins with asking yourself what are you really good at, something that you do with such ease that your competitors can never really match up to, how hard they may try. It can be your enthusiasm, or the way you project your thoughts, or how well you blend in, or your half-glass-full approach towards situations. It all starts with identifying your accomplishments and then working backwards— analysing how you achieved it, because what matters is ‘what you did’ in the whole process. 

It is extremely important to identify your X-Factor. It not only helps in achieving great success, but also brings effortless joy and contentment. To find the true meaning of your accomplishments, or the reason behind your failures, you must have a clear idea of your abilities. Your abilities are as unique as a fingerprint, and the more specifically you understand them, the closer you are to finding your X-Factor.