Motivation, the inner strength  in our blood, that force which pushes us to achieve whatever we require in life. It’s composed of strong desires to conquer the world, full of ambition and inspiration that revolves around ourselves. Just as to add taste, salt is added in food likewise motivation is the basic ingredient needed to be successful and accomplish our dreams.

Dreams are like fairy tales where everything seems so perfect , beautiful , shinny and sparkle as you may have seen in cartoon and movies, the land of beauty, achievement and pride. If you believe , all this can happen if we adopt a ” make it happen attitude” and hold the beauty of joy and success in our palm. At the beginning , it’s may seems to be hard, but with the help of the magic stick of motivation which acts like a force  that allows you, prepares you to stay focused on the right path even though when life pushes you towards intense struggles, you just stand up right straight.

“Dreaming , after all is a form of planning ~ Gloria Steinem”.

Everything starts with a seed which afterwards flourishes to a beautiful dream. The seed of motivation, with your extra feet right and feed your soul and your self esteem clearing your mind of Cant’s !

How many times you may have started a new career , training sessions or driving lessons and after couple of weeks you are no more interested??

No one can ever deny this fact. It might  have  happened with many of us. Telling you the truth, I have been part of  such situation.. My sister and I  started guitar lessons ,each Saturday , I was quite happy as I will get something new to learn. My Mother even bought a guitar for us but later on I was distracted from my course, it no longer motivates me and I know the reason lies within myself as I was not putting much effort of myself  but glad to see how my sister was motivated, happy and put really her soul in playing her guitar with her perfect soothing rhythms . She really got huge appreciation  as she participated in a farewell party held at a college and even presented a song , with her guitar in hand in my sister cousin wedding.  I lacked motivation and failed  but she really learnt and achieved through her will power.

The attitude of motivation keep us determined on our goals. Our will power acts as a catalyst to remain active in whatever we do, with full strength, courage and resilience and a little bit of patience. Resilience , the secret to all triumphs. If you want to learn swimming, you need to get into the water, there is no way of escape. To drive, you must must control your steering wheel, brake and so on. Nothing is achieved with magic all you need is to manifest your will power into action and this can only happen when you first believe in yourself.

“Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is grater than any obstacle ~Christian D. Larson”.

Never fall astray from your principles. If you have made up your mind, stay right there, don’t get pushed by the stormy waves of difficulties. The storms are  widespread like a bush fire, you just get your roots firm and steady.

“Change your opinions, Keep to your principles, Change your leaves, and keep intact your roots ~ Victor Hugo”.


In my family , my beloved mommy is an optimistic individual, always grateful and confident about the future. She always sees life with a half full glass, empty glass has never been accessible to her. Since childhood , my little tribe has always seen her with a zest of positivity no matter  how hard situations are, she is always positive and her teachings has been inherited to us – my siblings. We always lift by rising  each others. Our strength is our force. Apart from my mother, I have learnt the essence of being positive and grateful , on the other side my motivator , my guide none other than my hubby who always keeps motivating me . For him life is quite easy and well prepared as he is always motivated. As a leader,  he has the ability  and quality to change any one perceptions , inspire and trigger that transformation in anyone. He is truly my Mentor.

On a personal approach, I have seen many who lacks motivation, as there  no one to coach them but much grateful my husband who is always here for me. Picture yourself where you want to be, focus on being good in what you do either in your career, swimming lesson , driving or guitar lessons. Adopting this journey of will power will not only achieve the best but also make yourself resilient and develop the quality of perseverance in you.

“Will power is the key to success. Successful people strive no matter what the feel by applying their will to overcome apathy, doubt or fear ~ Dan Millman”.

  • Make yourself dipped in motivation, immerse with patience, enameled with courage, embraced your inner strength and dive in the ocean of success.
  • Conquer your fear as your enemy and make fierce your soulmate.
  •  Your future is dependent upon you solely, so get up, wear your cap of motivation and fight for your fairy tale.