“There is truly no one ugly in the world, once you are taught how to appreciate the beauty in everyone,” explains celebrity surgeon Dr. Deepak Dugar. As the only Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in the United States whose entire surgical practice is dedicated to Scarless Nose™ Surgery, Dr. Dugar has helped hundreds of patients improve their body-image and self-confidence. Through his work, he’s realized the true meaning of beauty and is reshaping the plastic surgery industry based on this philosophy. 

Inspired by the power of giving back, as a high-school student, Dr. Dugar volunteered at various hospitals and worked at Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta, India. Through these endeavors, he recognized the need to pursue a career driven by purpose and began to see that medicine provided that spark. “I realized how lucky I was to have health and wellness given to me and how lucky I could be to help others achieve it as well,” Dr. Dugar shares, “I loved that ability to touch the lives of people so deeply when they truly need help in times of suffering or pain.”

After Dr. Dugar completed undergraduate and medical school at The George Washington University in D.C., he began practicing plastic surgery and dedicated his practice to the patient experience. Ultimately, Dr. Dugar focuses on what is best for the patient, and this is what sets his practice apart: “My secret sauce has always been my honesty in consultation. I guide patients on what is best for them, not for me.” As a result, Dr. Dugar routinely turns away almost half of his consults. “I truly try to convince patients how beautiful and handsome they are without surgery and always remind them that a great option is doing nothing at all,” he confesses. 

Performing aesthetic treatments has opened Dr. Dugar’s eyes to the relationship between physical appearance and overall well-being. He’s seen patients’ mindsets completely transform after small procedures but understands that medical treatments should only be sought as a last resort. Though we all feel better when we look better, external appearance is not the sole determinant of happiness. “Confidence is true beauty,” Dr. Dugar reveals, “And confidence can come from thousands of sources outside of one’s looks. Look at some of the most powerful figures in the world – it’s definitely not their looks making them so confident, I can tell you that!”

Dr. Dugar is committed to sharing his perspective on true beauty with other medical experts and shedding misconceptions about the plastic surgery industry. Therefore, in addition to working at the Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty Center, he’s launched a podcast called “Modern Prescription,” where he and Dr. Jeff Toll discuss health, wellness, and beauty without the taint of media sensationalism. Additionally, Dr. Dugar lectures at national medical conferences around the country, sharing his perspective on modern plastic surgery and medical ethics. He’s redefining wellness in the beauty world and helping countless patients thrive.