Passion is the fuel that ignites your drive to achieve the goals that you set.

To thrive in what you do, you have to make sure that the choices you are making is something that you believe in.

If you’re stuck in an environment that makes you feel uncomfortable, it’s time to plan the next chapter.

Here are three ways that you can discover your passion:

I. Imagine if money wasn’t the factor to what you do:

Even if it’s something strange that doesn’t seem typical, that’s okay. When you believe in what you, the money will follow.

For example, if you want to scale up your hobby, you can start by building a personal social media page. There, you can build a following by expressing what you enjoy to the public. As you continue this path, you’ll likely build a following and learn how to monetize what you do. If it doesn’t work, then you repeat the process and learn from your mistakes.

II.) Ignore the noise

If what you do is not typical, then it helps to ignore what other people are doing. Don’t worry about what society believes is the right path. Believe in yourself, and let that guide you to your passion.

III.) Surround yourself with like minded folks

It sounds easy, but it isn’t when you are used to the friends that you have. Sometimes the friends that you have can hold you back. Figure out the folks who inspire you to be better, and hang out with those people. When you are around people that you admire, you’ll be able to progress faster in your career.

One of the greatest decisions that i’ve made in my career path was to ignore what society thought was correct. I do what I want because I believe in the choices that I make. Not every choice that I make is correct, but i’m always learning from the mistakes I make.

My ask is that you do what you want to do. You deserve to do what you want to do. All it takes is to start somewhere and make progress.

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