Disrupt and Level-Up with Digital Distribution

As an Ewomen network premier success coach, I get the chance to coach and meet entrepreneurs from, literally, all around the world. It’s so fulfilling to speak with business owners to hear what they’re working on and how I could help. With 2020 and the global pandemic creating a doozey of a year for small businesses, I wanted to share some thoughts on a major pattern I’m seeing and how it could help transform businesses.

It’s quite simply, the power of digital distribution. Some are already crushing this. But most of us can and should put a focus on improving since it’s one of the most dynamic, ever-evolving, and quite honestly—unfair—facets of business out there.  

The cost of creating a digital copy is virtually zero. In the stone age when I started my career, you had a hard cost to distribute knowledge. Those of you with some grey hairs remember copying DVDs, cassette tapes, 3-ring binders, etc. It took lots of time and cost hard dollars. Today, you can create a digital file for pennies and have 1,000 people see that product for almost zero replication cost. That spread, that inequity, makes it mandatory to find a way to create content and distribute it digitally. 

I get that it will look different for every business, but the concept is so powerful that you just have to find a way to harness this power for your business.

We’ve all been romanced by the lead funnel or lead generation download as a good driver for in-person business. The “get my free report on three things you can do to make more sales.” I’m suggesting you need to go further than easy click bait to really drive profit and growth for your business.

The benefit and reality is that digital distribution can come is all shapes and sizes. You could launch a traditional course, setup an ongoing virtual mastermind, or kick-off a podclass (shameless plug, I’m totally testing this and loving it). Or, it could be creating a community where once inside the community, you get an exclusive experience that gets better with every new person that joins (another plug because this is rocking the small business world). 

Whatever it looks like for your business, I’m practically begging you to find a way to exploit this power. And if you need an idea, reach out. I’m the Idea Coach and I’m here to help you come up with the ideas that take your business to the next level.