I asked myself recently, fancy titles aside, what do I really do? One  answer for all of us on this Amare journey to fundamentally change business with the power of love, is disruption. For those unfamiliar with the term, “Amare” is Latin for love. I wrote all about the power of infusing business with love in my latest book

As Amare leaders we are disrupters, actively rejecting the outdated business as war paradigm, saying no to the “shareholder first” status quo, and shining a light on a better way to be, do, and have in business – by putting love to work. That’s the Amare Way.

Many leaders don’t stop to consider why business even exists, what constitutes enough success, and what personally brings them contentment. Our job collectively as Amare ambassadors is to help more people wake to this new and I think much better way of prospering, an approach that builds deep connections and uplifts us all.  

I challenge you to ask yourself the following questions and rate your level of commitment to improving yourself and your business by putting love to work:

  • Do you believe that putting love to work is a better way?
  • Are you willing to disrupt the status quo in business? 
  • Will you be, in your own way, an Amare Ambassador?

4 Amare Ways to Start Disrupting with Love 

1. Go existential. Dare to have the conversation with your team about why business as an enterprise exists. Then drill down into specifically why your organization exists. Don’t be content with surface-level answers. Go deep to uncover the fruits of this exercise.

2. Make it safe. Demonstrate that in your company it’s safe to ask provocative questions and challenge the status quo. Emphasize that these explorations advance your shared goal of being of maximum value to your many stakeholders.  

3. Lead with love. Knowing love is energy that uplifts and connects, do something everyday to visibly put love to work. Notice, acknowledge, and celebrate when others do too.

4. Share this newsletter. Use the links below to pass this message along. It will let people know where you stand and encourage them to be Amare ambassadors with you.

Today’s Amare Wave Wednesday Quote

“You say you want a revolution. Well, you know, we all want to change the world.”

―The Beatles



I’d love to hear how you plan to disrupt the business world by putting love to work. Maybe you already are – which would make you a great fit for my upcoming podcast! Please leave me a comment below or contact me via my website, www.MosheEngelberg.com. Your story is worth sharing! 

As I mentioned above, for more about how you can put the power of love to work be sure to check out my book The Amare Wave: Uplift Your Business by Putting Love to Work.

To learn more about the Amare Way movement, the book The Amare Wave, or my Amare executive coaching services, visit www.MosheEngelberg.com.

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