Distance learning tips

Due to the ongoing pandemic, schools across the world have shut down, forcing students to continue their education from home through virtual learning. Some schools have not yet created an actionable plan, and are still trying to work through the kinks of virtually educating kids. We already know that managing children at home is a whole task, and the thought of managing children at home while also educating them in the middle of a pandemic seems overwhelming.

Kids Academy is here to ease off some of the burden that comes with eLearning with your kids. Continue reading to learn more about the ways you can help your children keep their minds sharp as they engage in distance learning.

The Role of Technologies

  • Modern apps are helpful in many ways, but with the pros come many cons. In fact, some people argue that apps and modernized learning has done more harm than good; especially for children.
  • Some of the apps like Zoom are most ideal for virtual learning, but others might make the learning experience more confusing and difficult for kids.
  • Make sure that your internet bandwidth is in sync with whatever learning platform your children need.
  • Before the classes begin, find out if you have a free internet connection, or you will need to subscribe for a service.
  • Note the kinds of gadget necessary for the classes. Your kids will have an easier time learning on a tablet than a mobile phone screen.
  • Stick to programs and devices that you are familiar with. You don’t need to waste more time on complicated setups and programming.

Tips for Parents

The ultimate goal is your children not falling behind in terms of education, and with these helpful tips, you can be sure of this.

  • Create a workspace for your child in your home

Much like your child already knows the classroom is for learning, you should have a dedicated area in your home strictly for study and learning. Make this space comfortable, clean and fun, so that your child can look forward to spending time here studying.

  • Create a schedule that includes academic time

Your child’s normal school routine has already been disorganized, but you can work on creating another efficient routine at home. Your child will thrive best with a good learning routine, and they can also get a feel of normalcy. Carve out specific times on the weekdays that work best with your child and the rest of the family.

  • Include enough breaks

You might not be a skilled educationalist, but you should know that every child requires some minutes of rest between challenging tasks. Studies have shown that 4 year old kids have about 12-20 minutes of concentration, before they lose focus on any task at hand. This means you should strategize your child’s learning activities to allow ample breaks.

Take advantage of online learning

Your child might love YouTube for all the entertaining videos and other content, but there is also plenty room for online learning like using free PDFs and printable worksheets for kids or other educational content on these kinds of platforms.

Don’t forget about off-screen and outdoor activities

It is easy to get carried away with the many options the internet provides, but you shouldn’t forget about the beauty and excitement of off-screen activities. You can practice whatever your child learns online with physical materials; especially their writing skills.

Hookup with other parents

Don’t forget that you are not alone, and other parents from your child’s school are going through similar struggles. Connect with them, or create groups where you can communicate what your children are learning, share ideas, and even allow the little ones socialize.


Just like the best exercise for your brain is reading, apply the same strategy with your kids. Source some books ideal for your child’s age, and create a mini library in your home. Or, you could search online for materials available for your kids to read.

While remote learning comes with some challenges, there are things you can do to relieve the burden. Share this information with friends who might need it.