Having transitioned from a corporate TV career that no longer fulfilled the soul to creating a purpose-led coaching business, here are my top tips for new, aspiring, or wish to be female business owners thinking of creating a business they love and own.

It’s all about the mindset.

1. Get clear on your Purpose

First and foremost, get clear on what it is you really want to do. By the time I launched my business I’d made up my mind I wanted to create a heart-led business coaching service that fulfilled my passion for working with women.

I knew that’s where my real skills lay. I also knew I wanted to help them explore their true passion and, empower women to tap into their full potential which sometimes can get lost or overlooked in a corporate space.

Knowing ‘why’ you want to set up the business of your chosen field can help you become clear on your values, what meaning you want to bring to your life and indeed allow you to determine what your end goal is. The purpose behind you wanting to transform your life will be the driver to keep you motived and focused when you come across any hurdles.

2. GET CLEAR and OWN what is unique about YOU

Having clarity around your skills, what results you can provide and how you can help, increases your confidence as you come to talk to people about your business.

It’s not every day a person gets to take time out to really explore this so, as you read this today, start making a list of your strengths and skills.

Knowing what problem you solve and for whom will help you differentiate yourself from others and get the right message to the right target market.

Having a niche to target your business to will be a lot easier instead of trying to market yourself to everyone and having your message fall on deaf ears.

3. Strengthen your Self-Belief

One of the key drivers to any success I can account for as I’m sure many other entrepreneurs would agree with is believing in yourself, believing in your dream and believing you can and you will do what it takes to change your life.

Not everyone has the mindset or emotional resilience to go against the grain and stand up for their beliefs on how they want to live their life, in fact 90% of people will never try. However, if you don’t let what others think or believe deter you, you’re already halfway on the road to success.

I decided to resign from my career just before turning 40. Although I had all the fears you would expect ’the fear of failure, ‘fear of leaving it too late,’ ‘fear of being too old’, I chose to believe in myself.

The transformation that takes place once YOU decide to go for it is not only rewarding but empowering.

Once you open your mind to what’s really available to you in life and start to believe in your goals, you’re in a better position to overcome fear and limiting beliefs that can hold you back from taking action. It’s all about creating your own story.

4. Develop your Confidence.

Stepping into a new realm where you are the face of your business can be a daunting idea for some, especially if you’re a public brand or figure. Without a doubt you will need to be using social media in some way shape of form to share your voice so being able to speak, post, message and share your ideas without feeling a fake or a fraud. are all the reasons why a confident mindset from the beginning is an essential tool for your business. How to create this? Build a routine around to boost yourself worth, get connected to why you deserve to succeed and build a fort around your positive thoughts on a daily basis.

5.Take action

Don’t wait for the perfect time to take ownership of your life.

Soon there will be more women led businesses than ever and the coaching industry especially is thriving at the moment. People need new perspectives, ideas, and content so there is always room for more people just like you, who want to give value and serve from the heart. Just do you.

5. Get support to keep you on track.

Tapping into someone’s knowledge who’s already been where you’d like to go, can be a game-changer. The mistake some aspiring business owners make is that they don’t want to spend money on a business coach or training. But here’s the thing, investing in someone who has been there and done that can save you a truckload of time and money, and therefore it’s just that – an investment. Why reinvent the wheel when you could be turning it? The question shouldn’t be how much does this cost. Instead ask what’s my likely return? Make things easier for yourself by finding a good business coach.

What are your thoughts around this? I’d love to know in the comments. Or, if you are thinking about making the leap yourself, feel free to book a Free Discovery Call here.


Jo is a Business and Mindset Coach that helps new and aspiring women coaches/consultants/creatives follow their calling to create their dream coaching/consulting or creative business online. Yearning for female support? Join her Free Private Facebook Group here