I don’t believe in having a Plan B.

If I’d had a Plan B, I never would have made it to the NFL.

So if you truly want to achieve your crazy, impossible dream, it’s time to throw away your safety net. It’s actually hurting your chances of getting what you want.

I’ll show you why in the video below.

This distinction is one of two lessons that I learned playing in the NFL.

Lesson #2 saved my NFL career from ending before it even began:

In the very first NFL game I played, I had to guard a guy who had just won an Olympic gold medal in the 4x100m relay. That meant that he was one of the four fastest men in the WORLD.

And I had to keep him from getting the ball.

If I failed, I’d get sent home.

So what did I do? I’ll show you in the video below.

Even if you’re not dreaming of the NFL, these two lessons will help you in all of the challenging scenarios you’ll encounter—on stage, in business, as a parent or as a partner to your better half.

These lessons will also help you level up. So instead of getting “sent home,” you’ll discover how to overcome a challenge you never thought you could. I’ll explain how in the video.

Take Action:

Be honest with me: Do you have a Plan B right now? Tell me in the comments. I also want to know if you’re ready to make a public declaration to let it go. Let me hear you!