We reached out to Curatorsocial CEO and founder Kris Lal for a chat around diversity in marketing and how brands can benefit from telling their stories from different perspectives.

What does your company do?

We are social media marketing agency that specialises in branded content, audience acquisition/growth and diverse influencer campaigns for our clients. We work with everyone from multinational’s to start up enterprises wanting to maximise their ROI and social strategy. Our focus has largely been in the Australasian market but we have had successful collaborations with talent and brands worldwide.

How have you grown over the past 5 years?

Curatorsocial has never advertised traditionally and most of our clients have been acquired by word of mouth and recommendations throughout the years and propelled us to a 7 figure enterprise. Believe it or not, some of our most lucrative initiatives have come from smaller wins throughout the last five years. Our dedication to customer service and delivery is key, we put our client at the forefront of all we do, this has helped us grow exponentially.

What are you doing to keep growing?

We focus on our key pillars, Diversity, Service, and ROI. Be DIVERSE in our approach to campaigns, amplify voices and different narratives through our creative and branding. Secondly SERVICE, customers come first, you are an extension of their brand and in many cases livelihoods, treat their time, efforts, spend as if it were your own always. And lastly ROI, provide unmatched value and measurable successes for your stakeholders which they can rave about to their friends, this is key!

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