Hindus believe in past life and the effect of Karma. They also believe all things happen in our life for good. The proverbial ‘blessing in disguise’ applies often. Besides the fact everyone has equal potential, but some people have put their effort and willpower to shine in their career and life. Others are yet to realize that the potential still exist within themselves. There is also another saying that ‘If God planted a tree then he will ensure it gets nutrition to make the survival’. The same applies to every human born on the planet earth.

There is an ancient story which signifies the importance of taking this life as a blessing.

A woman was pregnant in the Planet Earth. Her husband died just before one week, and she is under lot of stress. Lord Yama (who manages the deaths as per Hindu philosophy) sends his agent to take out the life of the mother as well. The agent visits the Earth and see the plight of the mother. She was supposed to die during the delivery, but the agent gets compassionate and decides to leave the task incomplete. He was wondering how to leave the child un-attended and worried about the child’s future. We(humans) are all in the similar nature. We have our own thoughts and measurements, that decides our life

When he went empty-handed, Lord Yama said you don’t know the divine secrets and how the God’s blessing is really executed in action. It’s better you spend few years in Plant Earth to realize this process. So Lord Yama sends the agent as a full grown man with dark skin and without any dress.

The agent lands in a park in a lonely winter night, shivering with cold. A passing-by person notes the sound and steps into action. He is a tailor, so he rushes home to get some clothes and give them to the agent. Assuming he has not taken food for long time, he invites the agent to his home for dinner. When they reach home, the tailor’s wife shouts and ask only the tailor to come into kitchen to eat. She scolded her husband for bringing a stranger into the house. After 30 minutes, she changes her mind. She asked the agent to come inside and eat the dinner.

The tailor realized he can use the agent’s help in expanding the business and make him as an assistant. Knowing the agent is alone, he asked him to stay over in a room and food will be provided. The agent agreed to work for no salary since accommodation and food are arranged.

After few years, a wealthy woman comes to the tailor shop with two children. One was healthy and another was disabled child. She wanted to ensure the disabled child gets the right fitting dress and spend all the energy on that child. The agent felt he knows that child already.

Another day, a rich businessman comes to the tailor asking to stitch a nice suit for him, which can last few years. He already bought the costly materials and want the tailor just to stitch the suit in three days. On the third day, the agent took the cost material and converted into pillow covers by mistake. He felt something inside that he is doing that right. Within few hours, the driver of the businessman rushes to the shop saying not to stitch the suit but the family needs some pillow covers to raise the head of the dead body.  When the tailor insists on the agent’s insights and premonitions, the agent shared the context of his life

The agent said, when your wife scolded you for bringing me into the house, the devil thoughts overpowered her. When he invited me back for dinner, Divine thoughts embraced her. The first secret is to know that it takes only few minutes to live in misery or live in gratitude and it’s all in our thoughts.

The disabled child with the wealthy women was the child he left with the mother on his first trip. The birth mother died later but the child got adopted in the wealthy women’s house. She is getting the best attention in life. God had made arrangement that the child gets the best loving and caring mother already. This is the second secret.

The rich man thought he is going to live many more years and wanted to have the costly suit. But his life was made short and the costly materials became pillow covers. There is no need to think that we are going to live forever. Life is short. This is the third secret. So, you need to take today as the last day in life. Enjoy the day and don’t worry about your children’s education, career, and marriage life. The peace is within you when you realize the death is possible at any moment in life.

Mathur (matt) Ravikumar, an author, consultant and cartoonist.