Many are in search for that perfect partner, perfect union, soul mate union. For that person who is going to come into our lives and make everything perfect. A perfect relationship.

Is there however a perfect relationship, a perfect partner?

After working with clients and myself over the years, I have come to realise that it is easier to manifest wealth than it is to manifest a soul mate. A perfect relationship is a healthy relationship where two people who are aligned to their inner being come together with the understanding that there is no perfect person or perfect relationship. It might take a few relationships to get to this understanding that while we may have done our inner work and healing, we understand that healing is a life long process. That we all have a past. We all have our set of emotions, a mindset & energy based on a story that is different from each other.

Our early life experiences are influenced by the energy that we carry at birth. This is influenced by our past lives, ancestral energy and soul’s evolution. Understanding our reality is a great start to clearing unwanted energy and to start living our best life and this is something we are usually unaware of in our early years of life. Sometimes until our mid life or much later in life.

With the law of attraction working all the time, we attract all that is in our energetic bubble including experiences that are there to help us dissolve the negative energies and embody more of our Divine essence.

Throughout our life and upbringing, whether we like or not, immaterial to whether we had the best upbringing or not, we go through conditioning. We go through experiences that causes us to create conditioned patterns and blockages in our lives either consciously or subconsciously. As children, it is easy to get affected by our surrounding circumstances and experiences creating positive as well as negative beliefs and emotions. If we didn’t feel valued or heard as a child, if we had to constantly prove ourselves, we tend to do the same with our partners. We over give and overdo due to our insecurities and lack. If we were told to not express our emotions, we tend to be emotionally unavailable which is the case with many men.

Our thoughts, our emotions, our past pain and trauma, our unresolved issues, our deep rooted shadow, our conditioning and believes all influence what and whom we attract into our life. As the law of attraction brings us our mirror, it is also bringing us our best teacher. Relationships are our best teachers and triggers to what needs to be healed so that we can come into alignment with our inner being. To undo our parents and all those whom had a great influence in our life. Life is always going to throw us with lessons and experiences that are going to help us heal and transcend above our blockages and limitations and come back into our true essence of unconditional love for ourselves first so we can then love others.

The only way to come into Divine Union of unconditional love with someone, with your special soulmate, is to come into Divine Union with yourself first. By healing your past, your baggage, the conditioning set by society on what or how relationships should be like. By healing and releasing yourself from ancestral shadow of feminine and masculine conditioning and sufferings. To heal your mother and father issues. When you come into alignment with your Divinity, you will operate from a place of unconditional love and you will attract others who mirror this back to you.

When the energy in a relationship is imbalanced, the relationship is bound to fail. When either party is unable to give and take, due to the blockages within them, it naturally creates a friction in the energy causing uneasiness. Therefore we get in and out of relationships simply because we are holding onto the same karmic energy, patterns and behaviour. Once we hit rock bottom and decide to heal, that is when we evolve. We can then align to our inner being and manifest a partner from that frequency.

It is only possible when you come into alignment with your true essence which is powerful. You are no longer chasing love simply because it is not possible to chase love.

When two people come together at this frequency with this understanding of life, they can then have a healthy relationship. They no longer feed their past poison to the other. They are consciously aware of not projecting their past pain and insecurities onto each other. With this understanding they can then be there for each other, working together, taking turns to step up when the other is down, to hold space when necessary and to have an equal give and take. There is no need for games or to control or play the victim because we all have a story. Instead they can be open, vulnerable and authentic with each other. Without expecting to be saved or understood. Without judgement. They can then hold hands instead of neck. To truly wanting to live life to the fullest, to love and to evolve together while understanding the imperfections of the human dynamic. When we are in alignment with your true essence, you will stand tall in your power, acting out of integrity and love.

A perfect relationship is a healthy relationship and a healthy relationship is a conscious relationship.