I began my career as a Foreign Exchange & Money Market Trader working for a Japanese Bank in Sydney and London. I was head hunted in London, by a Global Information Provider, where I continued to work within the financial markets in London, Hong Kong & Sydney for 25 years.

It was during a sabbatical in 2014 while supporting my teenage daughter through her life and death battle with Anorexia, when I finally had the chance to stop and reflect on my life. It was time to create my Divorce Coaching business, as I know first-hand how having a Coach to support me, would have enabled me to make healthier and more sound decisions during my Divorce.  

My goal for my clients, is that they emerge on the other side of Divorce and Relationship Breakdowns, without regret.

I persevered through life, and it’s my tenacity to keep moving forward, to never give up, to keep working towards a better tomorrow, are the key factors I demonstrate to my clients.

I have written a book based on my life which I hopes is approved this year, which highlights my experience with coping and subsequent recovery from a Relationship with a Narcissist.